Super Soccer Sunday week 27 preview

Manchester Maccabi and Maccabi London Lions White will battle it out for a place in the last eight of the Peter Morrison Trophy, while MGBSFL title rivals Hendon United against Oakwood go head to head in the Premier.




Manchester Maccabi 2nd vs Maccabi London Lions Blue

Fairlop FC vs North London Raiders A (NLR won on penalties)

Haroldeans vs Redbridge Jewish Care A

Manchester Maccabi 1st vs Maccabi London Lions White





The JC cameras will be out in force to see the mouth-watering clash between the Chesman League leaders and the holders of the Cyril Anekstein Cup.

Raiders and Fairlop set the bar high in the first National Trophy quarter-final and this promises to be just as tight.

Manchester are flying this season – top of Division One after a 1-1 draw against title rivals RV Athletic. Louie Basso continued his excellent run of form with another goal, but manager Scott McGarvery is keen to see his star CAM hit the back of a net on a more regular basis. He believes he’s capable of more.

The hosts have enjoyed  a smooth route into the last eight – keeping clean sheets against Leeds Maccabi (2-0) and the Maccabi Masters (9-0).

Ahead of kick-off, McGarvery, the former Manchester United striker (what they could do with him right now ;)) told JC Sport: “I don’t know much about Lions, but I expect them to have a lot of talented players.

“Hopefully we can perform to our level. If I’ve got my best 15/16 players available we’re as good as anyone.”

The Lions have moved quietly up to third in the MGBSFL Premier Division. But I expect them to draft in some additional players to beef up the squad – although this could prove harder than expected given the travel demands.

The club’s Saturday team has an away match at Broxbourne Borough this weekend, followed by the Herts FA Centenary Trophy final against Baldock Town on Tuesday, so it’s a big ask to get some of the big names up north.

I expect a largely youthful looking squad to travel and can see Manchester’s physicality being a key factor and home advantage will play a part as they progress.


MANCHESTER (from): Jack Showman, Marc Maynard, Michael Sacks, Ashley Loofe, David Herman, Mark Bell, Adam Jackson (capt), Louie Basson, Josh Gellman, Max Foster, Sam Hatton, Marcus Jackson, Oli Grant, Ryan Silvester, Max Rose, Sam Van-Gelder

LIONS (from): Jordan Sharifian, Sam Arghebant, Will Beresford, Ben Lampert, Jonny Ellis, James Gold, Sam Hamerton, Max Hassell, Jamie Jackson, Jack Mattey, Mikey Perkins, Josh Weiner, Conor Perl, Max Misrahi, Jamie Cohen, Tyler Smith, Eshed Calman, Jonny Ellis, Max Kyte, Austin Lipman, Adam Burchell, Ryan Springer

Venue - Bury Old Road, KO – 2pm

JC star man: Louie Basso (Manchester)

DC Prediction: Manchester 2 Lions 1







1. Hendon Utd Pl. 10, W. 8. Pts. 25

2. Oakwood A Pl. 10, W. 7. Pts. 23


It’s the battle of the big guns at Hadley FC as title hopefuls Hendon and Oakwood prepare to do battle.

There has been very little to separate the Cyril Anekstein Cup finalists this season – Hendon lead the Oaks by two points, with both sides having played 10 matches.

Zac Lewis was Hendon’s match-winner in the first meeting between the sides. His opener was cancelled out, but he had the last laugh, with a cool late finish earning the reds a 2-1 win.

Hendon’s Fab 3 were in sparkling form against Redbridge last weekend. Dovi Fehler, Moses Seitler and Lewis – the MGBSFL’s answer to Firmino, Salah and Mane – terrorised the RJC defence in a thrilling 6-4 win.

I can’t see another 10 goals going in but expect this to be another tremendous advert for Maccabi League football – between two rivals who hold one another in the highest regard.

Hendon boss Greg Corin told JC Sport: “We are looking forward to the game. We’ve had a season of change at the helm and it’s credit to all involved we’re still there challenging for the league title.”

Oakwood have had a very stop-start campaign. Come kick-off, they wouldn’t have played for three weeks, but on the flipside, it’s given some of their walking wounded important recovery time.

Brad Wine has been among their star performers this season. He has popped up with some crucial goals and assists and is definitely someone Hendon will need to watch.

The Oaks are unbeaten in eight and are capable of pulling out a big performance and result when needed.

But I believe the momentum is with Hendon and with their front three having clicked into gear, I can see them securing a statement win.

JC team news: Hendon have 14 available on Sunday, with Dan Howard, Ben Lauffer and Zac Lewis all available for the big game. They await confirmation from Moses Seitler. 


HENDON (from): Russ Corin, Rafi Kon, Mordi Weiler, Larry Cohen, Josh Bentley, Avi Korman, Dudi Edreyi, Dan Howard, Ari Last (capt), Ben Lauffer, Josh Harris, Zac Lewis, Yishai Last, Moses Seitler, Rocky Spitzer, Dovi Fehler

OAKWOOD: Joe Botchin, David Cohen, Dale Bradman, Alex Lee, Tom Cantor, Lee Warner, Kyle Bentwood, Simon Davies, Brad Wine, Toby Levy, Sam Cantor, Leor Sidle, Josh Cuby, George Goldberg, Ben Peppi, David Woolman, Luke Brookner, Jonny Quinn, Daniel McEnaney, George Goldberg

Venue – Hadley FC, Ref - Andy Myerson, KO – 10am

JC star man: Ben Lauffer (Hendon)

DC Prediction: Hendon 2 Oakwood 1




The fixture list does not get any easier for bottom team Camden Park. After Brady, they play Hendon, for the first time, followed by Redbridge. Not many teams would envy that schedule.

Stirling Kay’s men have forfeited their last two matches but if they manage to put out a team, revenge will be in the air following their 4-1 defeat against Brady on the opening weekend of the season.

Asked about availability for the weekend, Kay told JC Sport: "We're looking forward to Sunday. We have a squad to choose from, in fact I'm spoilt for choice!"

Silverware has eluded Brady for another season. They were unable to build on an excellent start, and the goals of Reiss Mogilner. Pinning him down on a long-term contract is key to their plans.

The Rowley Lane club have lost their last five but I their fans will arrive in expectant mood and hope they turn on the style and play some champagne football.


BRADY (from): Josh Miller, Harry Fine, Sam Castle, David Cohen, Elliott Dagul, Brad Dryer, Henry Ziff, Matt Sofier, Jordan Nathan, Ricky Rinder, Graeme Grossman, Zac Skry, Marc Rister, Stanley Offord, Ben Kohler, Reiss Mogilner, Clark Norton, Scott Gordon, James Joseph, Charlie Kasler

CAMDEN (from): Steve Murad, Ben Harris, Josh Tiano, Theo Azouz, Greg Meller, Max Gordon, Kane Gilbery, Rick Harris, Johann Jordi, David Kanzen, Mike Khalatschi, Josh Marks, Max Saunders, Matt Pearlman, Ricardo Ercoli, Dan Orgel, Danny Sherman

Venue – Rowley Lane, Ref – Robert Benardout, KO – 10am

JC star man: Brad Dryer (Brady)

DC Prediction: Brady 4 Camden 1







1. Faithfold A (CHAMPIONS) Pl. 13, W. 9, Pts. 30

2. NL Raiders B Pl. 13, W. 8, Pts. 26

3. Oakwood B Pl. 11, W. 6, Pts. 20


Jason Stein is fully aware Oakwood cannot afford any slip-ups in their run-in ahead of Sunday’s visit of Los Blancos.

Lying six points behind second-placed Raiders B with two games in hand, the mighty Oaks must go for goals in their last three matches in a bid to pip L’Orange to the runners-up spot.

4-1 winners over Blancos in November, more of the same will be the instruction from Stein, who appeared in relaxed mood at the club’s training ground this week.

He told JC Sport: “It's been an age since we have sat down - four weeks in fact - such is the nature of fixtures around this time of year.

"That four weeks has given me time to reflect on what has been a season of enormous progress and positives, but I've said time and time again it should have been even better.

"We want to end the season with a minimum of seven points from our last three games. They're hard games, starting with Blancos on Sunday so it's certainly ambitious.

"I've got a good record against Blancos in my time at Oakwood B and we had a good win against them in November. But I always find them to be exceptionally well organised and committed. And in Oli Sade they've got an absolutely unbelievable talent.

"So I'm sure it'll be a good game Sunday."

Blancos still have plenty of games remaining, but their season is in danger of petering out.

“Getting together a squad is proving difficult this week,” Joel Barnett told JC Sport. “We hope to be able to get a team that will do us all justice.”

Los Blancos will huff and puff but an industrious Oakwood will blow their house down.

OAKWOOD (from): Dean Caplin, Dani Derrison, Ilan Scorah, Max Clynes, Ben Feingold, Jake Frener, Dan King, Dan Linton, Ben Loofe, James Abrams, Dan Seligman, Dan Ash, Dan Selwyn, Sam Modlin, Jordan Sherne, Rafi Bloom, Max Clynes, Jacob Richler-Kleiman

BLANCOS (from): Gideon Rabstein, Josh Aziz, Joel Barnett, Marc Woolfe, Jake Doffman, Svi Freedman, Tim Heynes, Gav Krieger, James Kutner, Avishai Kestenbaum, Elliott Maslawy, Joe Davis, Daniel Sinclair, Josh Mizrahi, Alex Lewis, Josh Laurier, Simon Moses, Oliver Sade, Luke Strauss, James Kutner, Joe Zender

Venue – Nicholas Breakspear, Ref – Richard Jaye, KO – 10am

JC star man: Dani Derrison (Oakwood)

DC Prediction: Oakwood 3 Blancos 1




Raiders B have named a strong squad for their final league game of the season.

L’Orange go into the match buoyed by a terrific 5-2 win over Redbridge C last weekend and managers Doron Salomon and Jonathan Adelman will be looking for more of the same.

Jake Gilbert has has an excellent season. He has chipped in with regular goals and assists and his partnership with David Dinkin has given the team another dimension.

In midfield, Elliot Espinoza and David Esterkin take no prisoners, while in Ben Law they have one of the finest glovesmen across the league.

Looking ahead to the game, NLR co-boss Doron Salomon told JC Sport: “We want to secure second place and will be looking for back-to-back wins on the grass in Essex.

“We were made to work hard for a win against Redbridge back in October and expect a very competitive game again this weekend.”

Redbridge B produced their finest display of the season against champions Faithfold last time out. Jamie Bernstein and Dan Gordon bagged braces in a performance that ticked all the boxes.

Their home record is mixed but they remain dangerous opponents, especially on what will be a testing surface. Raiders under-estimate them at their peril.


RAIDERS (from): Ben Law, Anthony Shaw, Antony Goodmaker, Charles Braunstein, Rob Blackman, Lewis Blitz, Danny Bloom, Elliot Espinoza, Dave Esterkin, Matt Leader, Mark Leader, Ricky Lawrence, Simon Buchler, Brandon Sassoon, Scott Waissel, Josh Green

RJC (from): Brad Grant, Dan Adelman, Paul Biller, Dan Andrews, Jon Fialka, Dan Lassman, James Law, Scott McKenzie, Dan Lipman, Elliot Coulton, Adam Noble, Sam Rank, Antony Cope, Josh Hambling, Dan Gordon, Jacob Kaye, Carl Dobrin, Richard Rosenthal

Venue – Fairlop, Ref – Martin Lavender, KO – 10am

JC star man: Ben Cherkas (NLR)

DC Prediction: RJC 1 NLR 2




Redbridge were ultimately well-beaten by Raiders B last weekend. But they still have fond memories of their first meeting with Scrabble this season, when Mitch Hahn and Ashley Rubin earned the east Londoners a 2-1 triumph.

Sunday’s 5-2 defeat ended a four-match unbeaten run, during which they played some excellent football.

Scrabble need a win from somewhere. They have been out of sorts since Chanukah and manager Ray Abrahams would bite off your hand if offered an ugly 1-0. Perhaps he should watch the ‘Best of Jose Mourinho DVD!

I’m not predicting a classic here, more a rather turgid 90 minutes.


SCRABBLE (from): Adam Solomons, Dan Beresford, Jonny Mervish, Oli Richardson, Amit Kahana, Dan Green, Steve Moss, Tony Gold, Ben Cantopher, Lorian Madanes, Adam Newman, Adam Waters, Rupert Wood, Josh Pugh, Rob Rodney, Zac Summerfield, Dan Goldhill, Zac McLeod, Ben Krieger, Ben Bowers, Craig Cole

REDBRIDGE (from): Ben Rosenthal, Martin Sales, Martin Zartz, Sam Zartz, Dave Green, Jamie Danan, Jason Patmore, Adam Kemper, Jerome Marks, Darryl Green, Alex Aviram, Lee Cutler, Harrison Midda, Lewis Rackham, Ryan Silkman, Seth Warner, Mitch Hahn

Venue – Capital City, Ref – Barry David, KO – 10am

JC star man: Josh Pugh (Scrabble)

DC Prediction: Scrabble 1 RJC C 1







1. Bayern Mincha Pl. 17, W. 13, Pts. 41

2. Mill Hill Dons Pl. 16, W. 13, Pts. 39

3. FC Team Pl. 17, W. 10, Pts. 32

4. Fairlop FC Pl. 13, W. 10, Pts. 31


If you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned game of football – the way it used to be played – this is the one.

Sunday won’t be one for the purists. FC Team’s hopes of a top three finish are over following the extraordinary 6-4 defeat against Mill Hill Dons. Player-manager Mitch Young continued his excellent run of goal-scoring form with another double, but they were punished for defensive shortcomings on the day.

FC Team have scored in every league game, but they have conceded far too many times. Young also fired a brace in the 4-3 win over the Cats in December, and the boys in yellow and blue will fancy their chances of completing a double.

Catford gave a good account of themselves against table-toppers Bayern Mincha last weekend. They managed to stop MGBSFL Golden Boot favourite Adam Ellis from scoring – something not many teams have achieved this season.

Gotch told me he is “once again struggling to get 11 together – but we will be there and will give our all as usual”.

The performance and energy levels showed the side is still playing for Jeff Gotch and a similar effort will ensure a testing morning for Young and co.


TEAM (from): David Gordon, Jamie Breslaw, Eitan Ben-Zion, Jon Breger, Dan Breger, Danny Moss, James Milman, Adam Rones, David Grossman, Jamie Breslaw, Mitch Young, Dylan Young, Richard Salmon, Ryan Kangisser, Ashley Burns

CATFORD (from): Guy Ben-Aroya, Richard Adams, Stuart Harris, Loz Bloom, Jeff Gotch, Mitch Green, Alex Jacobs, Joel Lassman, Callion McGregor, Yarden Sharon, Danny Yeshua, Richard Winton, Jason Shoffman, Ashley Stokes, Jamie Sinai, Sam Reeves, Ashley Stokes, Jon Solomons

Venue – Hertswood, Ref – Darryl Colmans, KO – 10am

JC star man: Mike Patterson (FC Team)

DC Prediction: FC Team 4 Catford 2




Fairlop FC have demonstrated their Premier Division qualities time and again this season. Only penalties could separate them from Morrison holders Raiders A last weekend, and I’m sure Dan Shafron and Sam Rose will be speaking in the build-up to Sunday’s match.

Daniel Garfinkle is expected to return to the Fairlop squad. The cup-tied striker was sorely missed, and he’ll be determined to shoot the east Londoners to glory in north-west London on Sunday.

I’m expecting a special performance from Raiders. Boss Sam Rose told JC Sport: “We’ll be looking to give a really good account of ourselves against Fairlop.”

They ground out a battling 2-1 win at Temple Fortune last Sunday, with Adam ‘Shaggy’Leveson (how is he not playing Masters football yet!)  and Ben Kaye seeing them home.

Sunday will be about which team wins their individual and collective battles. It’s Fairlop for me.


RAIDERS (from): Joel Macadar, Alex Sherr, Alex Goodman, Matt Keston, David Domb, Adam Levenson, Sam Roth, Eyal Samovich, Joel Levitt, Callum Stein, Ricky Zeiderman, David Esterkin, Liam Stein, Ben Kaye, Nick Haringman, Alex Elf, Robert Samuelson

FAIRLOP (from): Jordan Kara, Pierce Prince, Adam Goldman, Kane Wise, Max Freedman, Ryan Cole, Daryl Rubin, Matt Berkley, Daniel Bean, Kai Vale, Daniel Rosen, Brad Gayer (capt), James Jaconelli, Brad Porter, Jacob Sanders, Pierce Prince, Joel Russell, Mitch Gold, David Farkash, Guy Weisselberg, Aaron Dias, Daniel Garfinkle

Ref – Neil Cooper, KO – 10am

JC star man: Matt Berkley (Fairlop)

DC Prediction: NLR 1 Fairlop 3




Match postponed - Fortune forfeited due to a shortage of available players

TFFC statement: "With great reluctance we have had to forfeit the 2nd team fixture vs Bayern Mincha this Sunday. Again our 'AWOL' players have let us down big time. It's been an immense struggle to raise a team on far too many occasions, a situation that has been sickening to the TFCC management, and also, I would suggest, to the committed players we do have on board. Sadly we do not have enough of them and this is something we will address in time for next season.

"Darren Zitren and Steven Black have messaged all members of the 2nd team squad well i advance for each scheduled fixture, asking for availability. They have contacted floating players too. They have privately messaged individuals pleading for commitment. Yet the majority of those eligible to play have made themselves unavailable - pathetic.

"As a club we are totally gutted with the current trend prevailing and cannot wait for the season to finish. We apologise to the opposition, referee and to the League for our plight, one we are determined to sort out for next season. They players who have failed to give us the commitment required should be thoroughly ashamed."



Oakwood A vs Hendon Utd - April 29 at Rowley Lane



Hertswood Vale vs Faithfold B (March 18)
Bayern Mincha vs FC Team (March 25)
Temple Fortune vs Real Hendon (March 25)
North London Raiders C vs Straw Hat Pirates (March 25)
- Semi-finals to be played April 15, Final - April 29 at Rowley Lane at 7.30pm





PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Josh Pistol (NL Raiders A)

MANAGER OF THE WEEK: Aaron Dias (Fairlop FC)

GOAL OF THE WEEK: Brad Gayer (Fairlop FC)

SAVE OF THE WEEK: Russell Corin (Hendon Utd)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Dan Shafron (NL Raiders A)

REFEREE OF THE WEEK: David Lazarus (Fairlop vs NL Raiders A)

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