Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe to the JC?

If you would like to take out a subscription, you can click here or alternatively call our Customer Service team on 020 7415 1500.

How does newspaper delivery work?

You will receive your copy of the newspaper by either hand-delivery or post. Hand delivery is available within certain postcodes and providing your property has no delivery restrictions. To find out if you are eligible for hand delivery enter your postcode on the sign-up form. Click here for more details.

How does newspaper collection work?

If you would like to collect your copy of The JC rather than have it delivered, please contact customer services. e-mail: of telephone: 020 7415 1500.

What is the digital edition and how do I access it?

The JC digital edition is an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper - available from Thursday morning on your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It is exclusively available to all newspaper subscribers.

My paper didn’t arrive, what should I do?

Contact our customer services team at or call 020 7415 1500 stating your name and full delivery address. We will arrange for redelivery as quickly as possible.

How do I change my details?

To change your login details and personal preferences click here

How do I change my delivery instructions?

To change your delivery address or hand delivery instructions click here.

Can I put my subscription on hold when I go on holiday?

We can suspend your deliveries if you are going on holiday or are on an extended business trip (minimum two consecutive weeks).

You are required to provide at least 5 business days advance written notice for this to be implemented.

Upon your return we will send your missed issues to you.

Just to remind you as part of your subscription the JC App and digital edition is available on Wi-Fi anywhere. To suspend delivery email our Customer Services team stating the dates of the suspension on customer services team or call 020 7415 1500.

How do I renew my subscription?

You can renew your JC subscription by logging in to your JC account here.

Where can I obtain a back issue of the JC?

For back issues of the Jewish Chronicle, please contact our Customer Services team on 020 7415 1500 stating the publication date you would like to purchase.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to with “Cancel Subscription” in the email subject box, or by post to Jewish Chronicle Media Limited, 1st Floor, 10 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HP. We will deactivate your account as soon as is reasonably practical.

In the case of single payment annual subscriptions, we will refund subscription fees on a pro-rata basis provided that more than 36 weeks of the subscription remain. After 16 weeks of a 52 week subscription have elapsed, no refunds will be paid.

For direct debit annual subscriptions, we will take the remaining number of months’ payment less the pro-rated refund if cancellation is within the first 16 weeks. After 16 weeks of a 52 week subscription have elapsed, no refunds will be due so we will take the remaining number of months’ payment. We require 30 days’ notice in writing (email or post) to cancel a direct debit. After 12 months’ payments have been taken, 30 days’ notice can be given at any time.

How do I make an editorial complaint?

If we have reported something you disagree with, have made a factual error or you simply wish to rectify something you have seen in print or online, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to rectify matters if at all possible.

This page describes our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint. It also tells you about our service standards and what you can expect from us.

How do we view complaints?

We are here to serve the community. This does not mean pleasing everyone all the time. But it does mean we try to conduct our business honestly, openly and in good faith. While we have a public duty to report matters that are in the public interest, we try to do so in accordance with the Editor's code of Conduct, as stipulated by the Press Standards Board of Finance. That means we take them extremely seriously.

What can I complain about?

Some examples may include:

● Factual errors about you. If we got something wrong, you can tell us.

● Failure to give you the right of reply.

● Something you find offensive.

● Our service; the way you were treated by a member of our staff or a recognised freelancer.

● Ethical matters: the way we obtained the information you are complaining about.

● Our failure to act on a complaint once we have been informed.

Your complaint may involve more than one of these. We recognise that.

What shouldn't I complain about?

Some examples may include:

● A request to remove an accurate and justified piece of journalism from our archive.

● Journalism obtained in a legitimate way and published in the public interest. ie: evidence given in open court.

● Freedom of Information requests

● Legal proceedings or judgements

Either way, we are happy to outline further if it helps give clarity on such differences.

Who can complain?

Anyone can make a complaint, although clearly it carries more weight if you, or perhaps a close member of your family, are affected.

How do I complain?

Please do not complain in person at our offices. In the first instance, we suggest emailing to or writing to us at Jewish Chronicle Media Limited, 1st Floor, One London Wall, London, EC2Y 5EB. Please mark the envelope Editorial Complaint or include those words in the subject field.

We will endeavour to respond to your complaint within 48 hours, either to tell you it has been noted, being dealt with or to offer a remedy. In some cases, we may ask for further information and other evidence to support your assertions, if appropriate.

In many cases, you may simply disagree with something we have written and want to go on the record to state your view. In such instances, we would encourage readers to write a letter for publication. For inclusion, it would have to pass the same “tests” as anything else we publish, such as accuracy, decency etc.

Do remember, though that when making a complaint, tell us:

● Your full contact details

● As clearly as you can what the complaint is about

● How you would like us to resolve it

What happens next? And what if I'm not satisfied?

We will respond in several ways:

● Offer an apology and a remedy

● Give you a full explanation as to how it happened and suggest options for remedy

● Investigate properly and respond with a verdict, even if that means rejecting the complaint

What do you mean by investigate properly?

That depends on the complaint. But broadly:

● It could mean simply talking to a writer and asking them to verify certain facts, revisiting a source of information or:

● Appointing someone internally to look in detail, re-interviewing and examining shorthand notes etc.

● If it is not possible to act quickly, we will tell you and give you an idea of when you should expect a response.

What if I'm still not satisfied?

After we have fully investigated, if you are still not satisfied with our decision or the way we dealt with your complaint, you can ask the Independent Press Standards Organisation to examine it.

Please note: IPSO will not normally look at:

● A complaint that has not completed our internal procedure, so please follow the above steps in the first instance.

● Events that happened, or that you became aware of, more than a year ago

● Anything that has been subject to a court ruling or is being considered by a court.