Important new law changes for the new season


We are now almost at the start of the 2016-2017 season and I am sure everyone is anxious and raring to go.

I am pleased to say that numbers are steady and I welcome four new teams into the competition. We now have 33 in membership with 10 in the Premier Division, 11 in the First and 12 in the Second.

We are introducing Repeated Substitution (Roll on/Roll off) which means you can nominated up to five prior to the game and rotate players (unless anyone gets dismissed) throughout the match. I shall be watching the effects of this innovation to see how well it is received by the players.

The National Maccabi Football Competition for the Peter Morrison Cup has decided to revert back to the old region based structure. Given the ’refusal’ by some teams to travel, this was the most sensible route to take and I hope to see full participation in what is described as the ‘Jewish FA Cup’.

There has been a change in personnel at the London Football Association with a new Chief Executive Office in Lisa Pearce. I met Lisa the other day and am greatly impressed with her enthusiasm and several new ideas she has to place football in London at the forefront. I will be sharing with you any initiatives that I think will be of benefit to Maccabi football from her regular updates.

The LAWS OF THE GAME have been completely re-written and I list below the major changes. Please read these because it will help you to get an understanding as to what is now required and how Referees will apply these Laws.

Law 01 – The Field of Play

• Artificial and natural surfaces may not be combined on the field

• Competitions may determine field size for their competitions (within Law)

Law 03 – The Players (new title)

• A match may not start/continue if a team has fewer than 7 players

• Substitutes may take a restart but must first step onto the field

• Clarifies situation when a player is sent off before/after kick-off

• Direct FK (or penalty) if a substitute/team official interferes with play

• If something/someone (other than a player) touches a ball as it goes into the goal the referee can award the goal if the touch had no impact on the defenders

• If a goal is scored with an extra person on the field and referee has restarted play the goal stands and match continues

Law 04 – The Players’ Equipment

• Any tape or other material on/covering socks must be same colour as the sock

• Player losing footwear/shinguard accidentally can play on until next stoppage

• Undershorts must be colour of shorts or hem; team must all wear same colour

• Electronic communication with substitutes is forbidden

• Player can return during play after changing/correcting equipment, once equipment has been checked (by referee, fourth official or AR) and referee signals

Law 05 – The Referee

• Decision cannot be changed if play restarted or referee has left the field (HT+FT)

• If several offences occur at the same time the most serious is punished

• Referee can send a player off from pre-match pitch inspection onwards

• Referee can only use RC + YC after entering the field at start of the match

• Player injured by RC/YC foul can be quickly assessed/ treated and stay on field

• The equipment a referee can or may be allowed to use

• Diagrams of referee signals included (from Guidelines section)

Law 06 – The Other Match Officials (new title)

• More details about the duties of the assistants, AARs, fourth official

• Diagrams of assistant referee signals included (from Guidelines section)

Law 07 – The Duration of the Match

• More reasons for additional time (e.g. medical drinks breaks)

Law 08 – The Start and Restart of Play

• All restarts included (previously only kick-off and dropped ball)

• Ball must clearly move to be in play for all kicked restarts

• Ball can be kicked in any direction at kick-off (previously had to go forward)

• Referee cannot ‘manufacture’ outcome of a dropped ball

Law 09 – The Ball in and out of Play

• If a ball rebounds off a match official it is in play unless it has wholly passed over a boundary line

Law 10 – Determining the Outcome of a Match (new title) Kicks from the penalty mark:

• Referee will toss a coin to choose the goal (unless weather, safety, etc.)

• Player temporarily off the field (e.g. injured) at final whistle can take part

• Both teams must have same number of players before and during the kicks

• Clear statement of when a kick is over

• Kicks not delayed if player leaves the field; if not back in time kick is forfeited

Law 11 – Offside

• Halfway line ‘neutral’ for offside; player must be in opponents’ half

• Players’ arms not considered when judging offside position (including goalkeeper)

• Offside FK always taken where offence occurs (even in own half)

• Defender off the field only ‘active’ until defending team clear ball or play stops

• As above for attacker returning; before that re-entry point is the offside position

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

• Foul with contact is a direct FK

• Advantage for a RC – indirect FK if offender then gets involved in play

• Change of wording for handball so that not every handball is a YC

• Some DOGSO offences in the penalty area are punished with a YC

• Attempted violent conduct is a RC, even if no contact

• Striking on head/face when not challenging an opponent is a RC (unless negligible)

• Offence against substitutes, team officials, match officials etc. is now a direct FK

• Foul off the field penalised with a direct FK on boundary line (penalty in own penalty area)

Law 13 – Free Kicks

• Difference between ‘stopping’ a FK and ‘intercepting’ the ball after FK taken

Law 14 –The Penalty Kick

• Indirect FK + YC if wrong player deliberately takes the penalty

• Indirect FK if ball kicked backwards

• If ‘illegal’ feinting occurs it is always an indirect FK (and YC)

• Goalkeeper YC if infringes and PK is retaken

Law 15 – The Throw-in

• New wording makes it clear that ball must be thrown with both hands

Law 16 – The Goal Kick

• If GK kicked into own goal it is a corner kick to opponents

• An opponent in the penalty area when the goal kick is taken cannot play the ball first

Law 17 – The Corner Kick

• If CK kicked into own goal it is a corner kick to opponents.

In other news ...

Lee Silver has decided to retire as Fines Secretary and has been made a Vice President. Jason Stein has been elected as his replacement and we wish him well.

A squad of players, under the banner of Maccabi GB, but made up mainly of players from the Maccabi GB Southern Football League participated in the European Maccabi Football Tournament in Malaga last June. The football team, managed by Daniel Shafron and assisted by Josh Hambling and the Futsal (small sided) team managed by Daniel Tannenbaum. Both groups equipped themselves well and came back with Silver edals in each discipline. Everyone had an enjoyable weekend and were great ambassadors for Maccabi.

Finally, West Ham. It was an emotional night at Upton Park last May when we said goodbye to the Boleyn and many a tear was shed. But it all ended with a fabulous game against Manchester United. Many memories both good and bad will never be forgotten but it is time to move on. Slaven Bilic had a great first season and now with the move to Stratford for what is called ‘another level’ let us hope we can attract better players to take us higher. It is a great new stadium with excellent viewing even though it is further away from the pitch. I think we will need to purchase additional ‘Bubble machines’ for them to have some effect in such a large place. We will also need to up our performances if we really are to become one of the ‘Big Boys’ but we seem once again to be plagued with injuries.

I am the eternal optimist and dream of our first ever Premier League win. If Leicester City can do it then why can’t West Ham United?

I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful season and I look forward to seeing you all on my ‘rounds’.

David Wolff
Maccabi GB Southern Football League

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