Two-State, "Shmoo-State"

November 24, 2016 22:51

I post the following in response to some very extreme "left-wing" comments elsewhere on these pages.
Democracy allows people like "shtekhler and lord reith" the opportunity to blog on this web-site.
People who at best are Jewish, but so left wing they are off the scale, or at worst people who are not even Jewish but blog rubbish just to wind us all up.
The United States and the UK both have an oath of allegiance for new immigrants, this is what is proposed in Israel.
Israel is a Jewish Country, if any non-Jew, Arab or Gentile, wants to live in Israel they have to respect the laws of the Country and not, as some of the Arab MK's are doing, attempt to undermine and incite anti-Israel and anti-Jewish feeling under a platform of "democracy".
If, by being a "racist" in Israel you mean the belief that Israel is a Jewish Country and the belief in the right of all Jews to live in Israel in Peace and Security in Israel - then yes, i will be the first to admit i am a "racist".
No, we do not want the Naqba recognised in Israel, if you look at the Naqba suppporting groups all over Facebook and other places on the the internet you will see why, Muslim fundementalism does NOT advocate a two-state solution, but a One state solution- that of an Arab Muslim State in Israel. Look at the material put out in to the PA controlled schools, even Barak Obama said last week that the incitment and hatefilled propoganda put out by Abbas and the PA in their schools must stop.
Thank G-d under Netanyahu the Two State solution in Israel is off the agenda for the forseeable future.
But, shtekler, lord reith and all you other lefties out there don't get upset, I have two other "Two State" solutions for you to start campainging for:-
1. The United State of America; sub divide Nevada, Arizona, areas where there is a prevelance of "ethnic red indian homelands" and we have a "Two State" solution to give back the "ethnic red indians" their right to "self-determination in their own homeland.
2. Australia; sub divide Northern Australia, areas where there is a a prevelance of "Aboriginal homelands" and we have a "Two State solution to give back the "aboriginal" australians their right to "self-determination" in their own homeland.
Come on, I want to see a vociferous anti- American and anti- Australian campaign in the Left Wing media, advocating these "New Two State-Solutions" - you know the sort of thing!

November 24, 2016 22:51

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