Top 10 Libels against Israel

November 24, 2016 23:04


Israel “harvests” Palestinian organs.
(See history of antisemitic blood libels against Jews, which such charges evoke, or are inspired by, and which are still propagated in Arab societies)
Swedish antisemites and Jenny “loose” Tonge, GlibDem baroness, spreading this one. Israel no more “harvests” organs than any other country heavily engaged in medical research.
But what Israel does do is provide the world’s one and only bone marrow registry for Arabs, so that Arab people who need a transplant … go to Israel for the best hope of survival and cure.
Now who does harvest and traffic in organs are Arab Bedu who prey on poor African migrants, desperately seeking a new life in … Israel.

Israel is an Apartheid State, just like South Africa. Worse, perhaps.
Yes, Desmond, you’re the one spreading this fib. Do tell, how do you account for those Arab Knesset members, Arab High Court judges, Arabs keen to serve in the IDF and getting promoted? Not to mention that Arab and Jewish Israelis shop together, go bathing together, play sport together. And VOTE together.
Oh, and what about all those sub-Saharan blacks, many of them Muslims, who risk their very lives to seek refuge in “apartheid” Israel?
But if apartheid is your cup of tea, then just look around the region and you’ll find plenty of cases to interest you. Just ask the Kurds in Turkey or Syria, or the Copts in Egypt, or any non-Muslim in the Oil States. Or indeed, the Palestinians in Lebanon.

Israel “steals Palestinian water”.
Well, actually, Israel supplies the Palestinians with water.
(Also, see here
Along with electricity, food, you name it. Probably the first time in the history of warfare that a nation gives aid to a country whose government is dedicated to wiping it out.
After 40 years of UN “refugee” status, living off donations, of refusing to make peace and of being kept in limbo by their Arab “brothers”, the Palestinian economy has become aid-dependent. Most of that aid is either provided by or channelled through Israel.

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November 24, 2016 23:04

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