Surely time for some real real Zionism

November 24, 2016 23:04

Someone needs a cold shower and to get a grip on reality. What happened on Friday is an example of what happens in the occupied territories not infrequently. A brutal occupation in action. This posture of benign "this hurts us more then it hurts you", "if only you would just accept our dominion we could all get along" custodianship is ridiculous.

Ducks quack, occupations are brutal. Generally the longer they go on the more brutal they get and the more dehumanised the occupiers and the occupied get, especially when the occupying power engages in a process of illegally colonising the occupied territory. " The occupying power shall not deport or otherwise transfer its civilian population..."

You see the instincts of an occupied people is to resist. DOH !!!!!!!!!!!

Only someone seriously disordered could compare this incident to psychos dropping rocks onto cars from a motorway bridge. This was a sealed armoured vehicle driving AWAY from what looks like, from the photographic evidence, two men throwing stones at the back of it as it moved away. The most serious possible outcome would be the paintwork might suffer a scratch.

The occupants OPEN THE DOOR and one points a tear gas projector at Tamimi and projects it into his face from a range of no more then ten metres in gross contravention of international law and the rules of engagement of the armies of any civilised country.

A Palestinian ambulance is on the scene almost instantly, but is refused access to the injured man. He lies there for 2 hours until he can be taken to an Israeli hospital. "Another mistake?"


The Israelis regularly use tear gas canisters in this way, not always with such terrible consequences.But serious injury and death is all too frequent.

But what tells us most about the true nature of this occupation is that the perpetrator of this crime will be seen to have acted with impunity.

Zionism wasn't mean to be like this. Surely time for some real real Zionism to take over.

November 24, 2016 23:04

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