November 24, 2016 23:02

Typical of their efforts to discredit the present democratically elected government of Israel the Left are now pretending that Netanyu will start a war to deflect attention from the current demonstrations breaking out all over Israel. Opinion polls show that the left have very little support and so we now get scare stories to try and bring down the government hoping that the “Arab Spring” will some how catch on here. Unfortunately for the Left most Israelis see through this and no amount of scaremongering will achieve the result the Left seeks.
It is pertinent to note that these demonstrations have broken out when the Universities and colleges are on vacation giving the students who would otherwise laze around on the Tel Aviv beaches the opportunity to laze around in Tel Aviv parks (much to Melchett Mike's delight!) and be funded by the New Israel Fund (headed by a former extreme left wing MK) which has already faced criticism for its funding of anti-Israel groups who were instrumental in providing "evidence" to the Goldstone "Inquisition".
Right–wing groups initially attempted to join the protest to make it a-political since the housing crisis affects everyone not just students but they were rebuffed and it became clear that the organisers are not really interested in solving the problem but in bringing down the government.
The fact is the current housing problems did not arise on Netanyu's watch - they have been endemic for many years and can be traced back to the early years of the State when housing was run on Socialist principles which meant that planning permits took years to obtain and the whole procedure was tied up in red tape and bureaucracy leading to bribery and corruption. One of the reasons Mr Olmert had to resign was because one of the things he was accused of was accepting a bribe in connection with the now infamous Holyland project.
So do not be taken in by the Left’s scaremongering. Netanyahu would not take the country to war to save his political skin like Olmert and Livni did so disastrously in 2006 leaving the country now in a more perilous state than it was then. He has promised to rectify a problem which will take years not days and months to rectify. Of course had he permitted building within those settlement blocs that the consensus recognises will not be handed over to the Arabs in any peace treaty the problem would have been much less – but that was then and this is now.

November 24, 2016 23:02

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