Personal Protection Part 2

November 24, 2016 22:56

Hi Everyone

Follow on information from the Israeli Krav International website.

Now let's get to some Tips;

Always Examine your Surroundings
Be aware of dark areas; be aware of areas from which an attacker can suddenly emerge. Prepare yourself by looking for potential paths of escape, should you need one. Look for obstacles that may interfere with your exit. Be aware of where you are; near a bus, a car, a train? How long will it take you to get to safety? Can you run that far? Is your level of physical fitness high enough to make that run? As much as possible eliminate doubt and uncertainty. Check to see if there are security guards present.
All this may sound very complicated but in actuality, once it becomes second nature, it only takes a few minutes or even seconds to assess the environment.

Keep your Body Prepared to Act

Hands should be free, not overloaded with bags. Dress comfortably.
If you are at a fancy wedding or business meeting you may have no choice but to wear shoes that are impractical for running. However if you are on your way home from work or just going shopping, it pays to wear something comfortable that you can run in or even fight in. You do not want to be wearing high heels while running away from a mugger or rapist, you want sneakers or some sort of running shoes. Beware of slippery shoes, not only are them impractical for self defense but they can also lead to accidents.
Avoid a Victim Mentality and Appearance
Use your body language to project self-confidence. Dress and look like you are ready for whatever may come your way. The Israeli security forces found a pamphlet published in Arabic, it was basically a 'how to' guide for potential kidnappers and hijackers. The pamphlet discussed how to spot an appropriate victim; distracted, meek looking, thin with lack of muscular definition, pale, rounded shoulders, fear in the eyes and so forth. The message is clear; the attackers take a good look at a person before he chooses a victim. Make sure you have looks that can kill.

Don't Challenge Anyone, Allow Them an Honorable Way Out

Many fights could be avoided with a little common sense. Thugs are looking for easy victims, so act confidently, but don't be arrogant. They too have their pride, so don't insult or taunt them. Don't challenge them or made crude remarks. Often a person is ready to back down but a "challenge" will make that impossible for them. Their "honor" will lead to a fight that no body really wanted. Always give the aggressor an honorable way out. Don't leave them no option but to fight. We learn this from the laws of war in the Bible. We are taught that when you attack a city you can come from three sides but you must leave the fourth side open; give them a chance to withdraw peacefully without bloodshed.

Deceive Attacker

Perhaps call out for non existent friends, make him believe you are not alone.

Act Crazy or Disgusting

People are turned off by weirdos, perhaps they even fear that you might just do something insane.Disorient him, surprise him.Shidoshi Frank W. Dux, on whom the movie "Blood Sport" starring Jean Claude Van Damme is based, once told us during a lesson, "Grab one guy and bite his ear off, the rest of the gang will think you crazy and just run off."

Back to the Wall

If you are walking along a wall or in a crowded room, it pays to stand with your back to the wall. This way you eliminate the possibility of anyone attacking you from behind (or in the case of walking, from the side). Reduce the odds of being attacked by developing good habits.


Although it is fun to have headphones on and tune out the world around you while listening to your favorite music, sometimes this can be a problem. If you are walking around like this you are not only totally oblivious to what is going on around you including the presence of potential assailants, you are also making it obvious that you are unaware and unprepared. Be careful and alert when using these musical devices.


Be careful where you place your wallet. It is much easier to pick pocket a wallet which is in the back pocket than one that is in the front pocket. Some people foolishly leave their wallets in the back pocket of their back-packs, which is the easiest place to steal from. Some can take it out without you feeling a thing, you will not know you have been robbed until you get home and find your valuables missing.


Some locations are more prone to certain types of crimes than others. Outside of airports or hotels, or other tourist places are known for high pick pocketing rates. Outside of ATM's are known for holdups. Be alert. Also be careful of anyone trying to help you get your money out of the machine. There are many scams used by people eager to take your ATM money.

Environmental Weapons

Examine your surroundings for potential weapons such as hair-spray, a cup of hot tea, scissors, paper weights, umbrella, pencil, keys, water bottles even clothing can be used.

Plan Ahead, Be Prepared

Think 'What could I do if I were attacked here in this situation? Whom can I turn to, what can be done?' Have a prepared game plan.

Diffuse the Situation

If the attacker 'interviews' you before the attack, act confident but try to avoid a physical confrontation if possible. Understand the art of verbal diffusion
If You are Going To Fight, Use Non-Assuming Stance
Use unconventional stances that will surprise and catch your assailant off guard. First pretend you have no intention of fighting. Try to distract him.

Avoid hitch-hiking – Why do people hitch hike? To save time and money. Think of all the time and money rape victims spend trying to erase and overcome the trauma of rape. Is it worth taking a risk to save a few dollars or a short amount of time?
Beware of date rape – Statistics show that most people know their rapist and allowed them to get close. Remember that any "friend" can become a sexual predator very quickly.
Be selective about parties and friends
Teenagers in particular are drawn to parties where rape is a distinct possibility. The combination of lots of alcohol, possible drugs, adolescents, provocative outfits and behavior, intoxicating music and no parental supervision is a formula for disaster. Young men often do not know the meaning of the word 'no' and interpret it as "I need to be a little more aggressive". Women must learn how to say 'No' in a way that is not subject to interpretation. Many rapists are convinced it was 'consensual' simply because the girl agreed to dance or hang out with him.
If you don't want anything to happen – make sure you are never alone. You came to have fun, fine, stay with a group of friends, there is strength in numbers.
Be careful whom you get a ride home with. Many girls who agree to a ride home end up as rape victims. Arrange your ride ahead of time with someone you trust, someone who has not been drinking. Pay for a cab if you must, it is well worth the investment.
Know your Surroundings – This rule applies everywhere. If you are at a party, in the park, in a dorm building; know the quickest way out.
Have your cell phone handy and fully charged
Don't let the rapist con his way into your house
Rapist pose as repairmen. If someone claims they are from some organization, ask for a name and call up the organization. If they are not legitimate, odds are they will be gone before you even finished dialing the number. The same applies to people claiming they represent charities, call the organization first and ask if their people are on a collection drive I this part of town. All it takes is one phone call. Your safety is worth it.
Claims of a car accident
If a person comes to the door claiming he was involved in a car accident and his buddy is still in the car and they don't have a phone, don't let the guy in. Instead ask for the car's location and say you will call for emergency help at once.
Rape profiling
There is no profile of victims or rapists. Women from age three to eighty have been victimized. Women of all types have been victims, wearing all types of clothing, and in all types of situations. The rapists have included total strangers, friends, family, distinguished members of the community and leaders. MEN TOO CAN BE VICTIMS. Men have been raped in the army and in prisons, amongst other places. Women can also be rapists; both against men and against other women. this is all very serious information, and this website and the organisation behind it live and work in Israel. Some people may say..surely this won't apply to my nice quiet neighbourhood?

I hope and pray it never should, but civilization is often a thin veneer. These words may seem like I am a cynic and mistrust human kind..far from it, I just speak with life experiences. I live a very quiet life. I am a grandfather of three children and haven't had a confrontation with anyone for over twenty years.

Self defense training is akin to having car insurance....a good percentage of drivers never need it, maybe only for minor knocks and scrapes..equally there are many other folk and their families who are glad of it.

Should anyone be interested...Part 3 tomorrow.

Very soon I will conclude this insight into self defense and Israeli Krav Maga and leave you all in peace. Take care.

November 24, 2016 22:56

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