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Reviving history at Sheinkin 40: Turning the old streets into something new

In a historic street in Tel Aviv a new development offers light and spacious luxury living

    One of the first streets laid out to pave the way for the sprawling White City of Tel Aviv in 1913 is the famous Sheinkin street.  Immortalised in many Israeli songs, this cultural centre is now a UNESCO world heritage site. But  behind the historic facades there is much that is new and exciting.

    Over the years Sheinkin has become known for its unique cafés and boutique eateries and is at the centre of the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv. Many older buildings are being renewed, receiving a modern makeover while keeping their history intact.

    New projects are being built, between historical buildings and eateries. One such building is the boutique apartment complex, Sheinkin 40. Families are buying off-plan, expressing excitement about their future. Many of them have fond memories of the street where they had lived when just starting out as young couples.  

    Many buyers are full of nostalgia when asked about the difference between Sheinkin Street ten years ago and as it is now.  It is the setting of so much Tel Aviv history, with original Bauhaus buildings, local boutique shops, famous homemade sandwiches by Ruti & Itsik, and an old shoemaker’s shop. All of city life was within their reach, they explained– morning coffees on Rothschild, walks around Neve Tsedek, performances at Habima Theatre, fresh fruit and  vegetables from the Carmel Market, watching sunsets on the beach with friends-  all of Tel Aviv life at their doorstep.

    Now many of the historical and original buildings are being restored, bicycle lanes run along the whole street, and boardwalks have been renewed. New boutiques, top restaurants and ultra-luxurious hotels  all fit into the original spirit of the White City.

    The apartments at Sheinkin 40 fuse past and present, tradition and innovation in perfect harmony with the surroundings. While the façade naturally fits into the traditional city architecture, the building provides its residents with a distinctive quality of life and utmost comfort.

    For families searching for somewhere around the city centre, Sheinkin 40 is the perfect home. The architects have designed them to be filled with light and are extremely spacious. The large terraces are perfect for full family gatherings on Shabbat. Apartments are equipped with underground parking, top-notch kitchens, under-floor heating and other luxury features.

    Sheinkin 40 is taking the perfection of the old and blending it with something new to make a beautiful and comfortable space for people to build a home in the heart of the White City.


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