EXCLUSIVE: JC accused of being ‘Jewish cabal’ after Urdu YouTube investigation

Analysts have expressed serious concerns that Urdu-language material on YouTube may play a part in radicalising elements of the UK Pakistani community


Pakistani YouTubers have lashed out at the JC, accusing us of being part of a Jewish “cabal” that is “playing the antisemitism card” after we exposed Urdu-language Jew hatred on YouTube.

Last week, a JC investigation revealed how rank antisemitism — including statements like “Hitler was an angel, the way he took action against the Jews, the way he killed the Jews” — was freely available in Urdu on YouTube.

Analysts expressed serious concerns that such Urdu-language material may play a part in radicalising elements of the UK Pakistani community, leading to the sort of gross antisemitism seen recently on British streets at pro-Palestine rallies.

Some of the clips, including the one calling Hitler an “angel”, were subsequently removed from the video sharing platform. But the channels themselves, which have millions of subscribers, remain live.

This week, in new videos which together have attracted more than half a million views, two of the YouTubers defiantly attacked the JC.

“The whole world knows how [the Jews] lobby,” Imran Riaz Khan said. “I have claimed that they lobby and do it strongly. They lobby in Europe and in America.

“In the huge Christian communities and Christian countries, they try to keep Christians under their occupation through their organisations and lobbying firms.

“They spend a lot of money on that. I said that, and it’s not just me. These are the established proven facts of this world. This is a fact. And this is the exact real picture that the world should see.”

Attacking the JC directly, he said: “Today the whole world says that Palestinians are victims and Israel has committed crimes against them.

“But this cabal is knowingly spreading false news and inciting reports that antisemitic statements are being made, that the Jews are being hated and antisemitism is rising.”

Claiming that the newspaper was part of a sinister “Jew lobby”, he said: “They have started working on Pakistan.

“If they are not working on it, then how can it be that on Urdu YouTube channels, where we speak for the Urdu speaking people, they take out the material, translate it and ask questions about why we are saying this?”

The video remains on YouTube at the time of going to press.

In a separate clip, fellow YouTuber Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din also ranted against this newspaper.

“It feels that our coverage of Israel-Palestine issue has not been liked by certain powers in the world,” he said.

“Today, propaganda is being run against us. You can see the newspaper on your screens.

“It’s titled the ‘Jewish Chronicle’ and it’s not an ordinary paper. It’s a London-based Jewish weekly newspaper, published since 1841. This means it’s 180 years old.”

He added: “I am being targeted by [the JC] because I raise voice for the oppressed Palestinians. I am not hurt. I feel proud and I thump my chest.”

In a previous video, Shahab-ud-Din had said: “When you criticise Zionism, the Jews come together and start attacking.” That clip has since been removed by YouTube.

But in his latest video he repeated the claims, posing as the victim of a Zionist campaign against supporters of the Palestinians.

“[The JC journalist] wrote that the world’s biggest video sharing platform is spreading hate against Jews, that the JC investigation has revealed this,” he said.

“This means that [the Jews] are attacking YouTube and forcing YouTube to ban us, to attack us, to suppress our voice and to end our voice.

“But when you try to suppress a voice, then it echoes bigger.”

He went on to accuse the JC of “playing the antisemitism card” to distract the world from the hardships of the Palestinians.

The YouTuber then informed viewers that he had set up a “back-up channel” in case his current one was shut down.

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “YouTube has become a top-tier platform for spreading hatred of Jews.

“Google has been making some progress in removing antisemitic incitement videos that are in the English language, but that progress is slow.

“However, as we know, some of the worst anti-Jewish incitement is not in English.

“The JC’s investigation has shone a spotlight on the fact that some of the worst incitement on YouTube is in languages like Urdu.

“These prolific broadcasters are whipping up hatred of Jews amongst Urdu speakers around the world, including here in the UK.

“There can be no excuses — Google needs to act and we will be discussing the JC’s findings with them.”

A YouTube spokesperson said: “Hate has no place on YouTube. To fight the spread of harmful content and protect our community, we’ve worked hard to develop responsible guidelines to define and make clear what content is unacceptable.

“When content is flagged to us, we work quickly to remove videos that violate our policies.”

Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din said: “I categorically reject the claims that my remarks are antisemitic.”

Khan did not respond.


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