Our ‘rucksack’ of emotions

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, I stumbled upon a captivating notion that our suppressed emotions possess the ability to magnetise circumstances and individuals into our lives.


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While initially radical, this concept resonated deeply with me. This article explores the theory that hidden emotions, left unaddressed, influence our experiences subtly yet significantly, attracting different circumstances and people into our lives for the purpose of inner healing. By allowing these emotions to flow into our conscious awareness and sitting with them, we can begin the process of letting go.

The influence of suppressed emotions

According to the theory, emotions we do not confront become buried in our unconscious, operating beneath our awareness. Consequently, they exert a pervasive influence on our lives, contributing to struggles, challenges and discontentment. They influence our perception of the world and even our health. Furthermore, they affect our ability to communicate lovingly with those around us and even affect the decisions we make in our businesses. We keep adding to our rucksack of emotions daily without being aware that we are doing so. In doing so, we become unhappier and less able to cope.

To liberate ourselves, we must first acknowledge these suppressed emotions by bringing them into our conscious awareness. Two primary methods to achieve this release are introspection and using external day-to-day events as a gift to help us clear these feelings. Deep contemplation involves genuine self-reflection, honesty and understanding.

With the second method, we take the leap in understanding that we attract only people or events that resonate with our suppressed emotions; this is the knowledge that all events are happening for us and not to us. Simply put, every challenging situation is a gift in disguise because it brings that which is unconscious into the conscious realm. This happens to help us heal.

The distinction of letting go

A crucial distinction exists between letting go and the common response to emotional triggers. Instead of taking responsibility for our internal experiences, we often attribute the cause to external events, attempting to modify our circumstances to avoid confronting uncomfortable emotions. We blame and get upset at people and try to change them, not understanding the gift they are bringing us. We spend our lives trying to control people and circumstances but never fully address the root cause, our inner emotional rucksack.
However, true release necessitates accepting full responsibility for our emotions without blame, conscious or subconscious. By blaming external factors, we perpetuate the suppression of emotions, resulting in a repetitive cycle. Only by taking full responsibility can we break free from this cycle, allowing the feelings to dissipate and no longer manifest corresponding situations in our lives.

Illustrating the process

Consider the belief that others frequently take advantage of us. Accompanying this belief is an associated emotion that becomes trapped within us. This unconscious emotion yearns for release and, as a result, attracts scenarios where others take advantage of us.
These situations serve as triggers, bringing both the belief and the associated emotion to our conscious awareness. Now, we have an opportunity to change perspective. This process compels us to take responsibility for our beliefs and recognise our role as creators.

The awakening of responsibility

At a certain point, we awaken to the realisation that we are indeed the creators of our experiences. This profound epiphany facilitates the release of the belief and its energetic component—the suppressed emotion. Equipped with a fresh perspective and the tenacity to sit with these feelings, we liberate ourselves from the belief of being perpetually taken advantage of, empowering us to adopt any belief we choose. It’s at this point that our outside world begins to change. People now begin to treat us with respect and understanding and no longer take advantage of us.


Embracing the profound concept of releasing suppressed emotions enables us to transform our inner landscape and reshape our external reality. By taking responsibility for our emotions and letting go of what no longer serves us, we unlock our true potential for healing, growth and a life characterised by authenticity and fulfilment. Through this letting go process, we embrace the power within us to shape our experiences and create a brighter, more harmonious future.

Daniel Dzikowski is an emotional wellbeing coach and speaker

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