Seven in ten American Jews voted for Biden. Great job, guys

Obama and Biden’s reckless pandering to Iran, two-faced, forked-tongue treatment of Israel and reality-defying passion for creating a Palestinian state has led to where we are now


US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Q. Brown Jr. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

July 03, 2024 10:28

The Iranian regime is rushing military supplies to Hezbollah. The supplies include sophisticated equipment such as air defence and anti-tank guided missiles. Meanwhile, a Democrat administration is delaying the delivery of precision munitions to Israel. Seven in every ten American Jews voted for Biden.

The administration began slow-walking the resupply to Israel as far back as December. In late March, General Charles Q Brown Jr, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, described both an “inability” to keep up with demand – the US was already struggling to resupply Ukraine – and an “unwillingness” to provide particular weapons.

On June 24, General Brown told reporters that in the event of a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah, the US would not “be able to help Israel defend itself” in the way that it had defended Israel against the Iranian missile and drone barrage of April 13 to 14.

Inability or unwillingness? As usual with this headless chicken of an administration, no sooner had General Brown walked back support for Israel than the usual anonymous officials backtracked on his statement. Hezbollah, they said, “need to understand that Washington will help Israel defend itself”. But the damage was done.

The administration is terrified that a regional war is about to break out – a war that the Obama and Biden administrations helped to create by their reckless pandering to Iran, their two-faced, forked-tongue treatment of Israel and their reality-defying passion for creating a Palestinian state.

On June 18, after Benjamin Netanyahu released a video in English claiming that the administration was not honouring its public promises and legal obligations, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, said Netanyahu’s claims were “categorically false”. Then again, Jean-Pierre has insisted for the last three years that Joe Biden is in tip-top physical and mental shape.

On June 30, Michael McCaul, the Texas Republican who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the US has “the capacity” to defend Israel against Hezbollah but prefers not to, just as the Biden administration prefers not to send seven weapons systems in particular to Israel.

“The fact is, we’re not helping them,” McCaul said. “What is most disturbing to me is that we’re withholding weapons systems that I have signed off on and Congress has appropriated with the intent of sending to Israel.”

The 2006 Israel-Lebanon war ended with UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which demanded that Hezbollah withdraw north of the Litani River, about eight miles from the border with Israel. The administration’s Lebanon envoy, Amos Hochstein, is now pressuring Israel to accept a limited withdrawal.

The administration is also looking for ways to sweeten the ceasefire deal that Hamas recently refused. The Biden administration is willingly being played seven ways to Sunday by terrorists. And it is misleading the American public about it.

Not that this should surprise anyone. For the past four years, the evidence of our eyes and ears told us that Joe Biden was physically and mentally enfeebled: not fit to run for office, let alone take on the world’s toughest job. But if you said anything, you were called a Trumpist or Putinist, a fake newsmonger, a fascist or a white supremacist.

The mask is off after Biden’s catastrophic unravelling in his live debate with Donald Trump. In the space of a week, the New York Times went from condemning clips of the President gibbering and spacing out as “cheap fakes” to calling for his immediate resignation. Biden, we are told, is no use after 4pm. He’s not much use before then, either. The Democrats, abetted by most of the media, have made fools of half of the country. They knowingly promoted an unfit candidate, then bullied and censored the other half of the country for noticing his unfitness.

This is a disaster for American democracy and American credibility in the world. Exposing Israel to the Iranian-led terrorist alliance is only a small part of the collateral damage. So is exposing Jewish Americans to the Democrat-allied mobs that attack “Zionists” in the street.

Again, seven in ten Jewish Americans ignored the warnings and voted for this. Most of the major Jewish American organisations backed it and played along. Great job, guys.

July 03, 2024 10:28

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