Justin Bieber's Hebrew tattoo from Israel

By Jennifer Lipman, May 27, 2011
Justin Bieber in Israel

Justin Bieber in Israel

Justin Bieber may have left Israel with more than some sand in his suitcase.

The teenage pop star, who delighted fans with a concert in Tel Aviv last month, was recently spotted sporting a new tattoo.

The tattoo, on his left ribcage, is of the Hebrew word Yeshua, translated into English as Jesus.

Justin is a devout Christian, but his manager Scooter Braun is Jewish. Mr Braun revealed last year that Justin reads the Shema before he goes on stage for luck.

"First he says a Christian prayer, then he says the Shema," he said. "Justin heard me pray, he gets why I do it and now he does the same."

Last updated: 2:34pm, May 27 2011