Anne Frank: the comic book

By Jessica Elgot, July 9, 2010
Anne Frank: the story has been transformed into a graphic novel

Anne Frank: the story has been transformed into a graphic novel

A new graphic novel depicting a cartoon biography of Anne Frank is being released by the Anne Frank House Museum.

It will be a comic-book version of the diary written by 15-year-old Anne, who died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp after she and her family were discovered hiding in their secret Amsterdam annex, and aims to appeal to other teenagers.

The work is a collaboration by American author Sid Jacobson and artist Ernest Colon, and translations are planned in German, French and Italian.

It will be released in the UK this autumn.

The museum’s spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker said the book would be aimed at teenagers who might not otherwise read Anne’s story. She told Press Association: “Not everyone will read the diary. The one doesn't exclude the other."

A fictional book, also aiming to tell the story of Anne Frank to teenagers, drew the wrath of Jewish Holocaust charities and Anne Frank's only living relative last month.

Sharon Dogar's Annexed, an imaginary diary by fellow annex dweller Peter van Pels, suggests that he and Anne had an intimate relationship.

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