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MSFL Team of the Year

The achievements of the cream of the crop are recognised in Danny Caro’s Team of the Year

    Safe hands: Redbridge keeper Daniel Lee
    Safe hands: Redbridge keeper Daniel Lee

    1. Dan Lee (Redbridge JC A)Agile stopper helped Redbridge complete their first league and cup double. Also played for London Lions and the MSFL Rep Team. Pulled off some stunning saves and has been selected for Maccabi GB's European Games squad.

    2. Ollie Segal (FC Team A)
    Mr Reliable makes defending look easy. A gent and about as gentle as they come off the pitch but on it he's top-drawer, rarely coming out second best in any contest.

    3. Josh Lipman (Hendon Utd A)
    Absolutely superb since moving to central defence, Josh has been a real model of consistency. His manager, David Garbacz, cannot remember Lippy having a bad game.

    4. Rik Sherman (NL Raiders B)
    Sherman is brilliant in the air but also very comfortable with the ball at his feet. He leads by example and steered L'Orange to back-to-back titles.

    5. Scott Shindler (Temple Fortune A)
    Tremendous all season following his big move from North West Neasden A. Joint top-scorer, even though he's a centre back. A leader of men.

    Raiders hotshot
    Raiders hotshot

    6. Alex Olcot (NL Raiders A)
    One of the finds of the season, Olcot wooed his Raiders teammates and helped them take the Premier Division by storm. Called into the Rep Team in his first season in the league. He's got the lot in his locker and scored some important goals in a year when they reached the Morrison semi-finals.

    7. Paul Babai (Faithfold A)
    Jamie Cole was desperate to sign him but it was Zuriel Solomon who got one of the league's top players after South Mancs folded. He did not disappoint. He was outstanding in the first Rep Team match and maintained a very high standard throughout the campaign. Did not deserve to be on the losing side in the Morrison final.

    8. Josh Hershman (Brady Maccabi)
    At only 21-years-old, Josh came to the club as a centre half/full-back and has been transformed in to a left winger. His manager feels that Brady's top-scorer has "the best left peg in any division and is also is a pleasure to manage". Josh Rosenfeld said: "He works hard in training and is fully committed." A Rep Team call-up beckons ...

    9. Daran Bern (Redbridge JC A)
    My Player of the Year. Berny tormented defences week in, week out with his pace and twinkle-toes making him the main man in Redbridge's double charge. Showed an ice-cool temperament in front of goal and worked hard for his team. Also impressed on Rep Team duty and could be GB's secret weapon in Austria

    10. Ben Simons (Faithfold C)
    Big Ben struck 29 league goals and played a key role in the Superhoops' Barry Goldstein Cup triumph. Led the line brilliantly and stepped up a level after Jonny Blain signed.

    11. Fabio Revieccio (Glenthorne United B)
    Winner of the JC MSFL Golden Boot award with 33 league goals. Glenthorne B will do well to keep hold of the Italian Stallion next season.

    Danny Caro's teams of the season

    1.Dan Lee (Redbridge JC)
    2.Josh Lipman (Hendon Utd SC)
    3.David Rhodes (NL Raiders)
    4.Alex Taylor (Faithfold)
    5.Ben Kon (Hendon Utd SC)
    6.Paul Babai (Faithfold)
    7.Alex Olcot (NL Raiders)
    8.Ben Sollosi (Redbridge JC)
    9. Greg Corin (Hendon Utd SC)
    10. Daryl Phillips (Faithfold)
    11. Daran Bern (Redbridge JC)

    1. Oli Colmans (Brady Maccabi)
    2. Ollie Segal (FC Team)
    3. Adam Levine (Oakwood)
    4. Rik Sherman (NL Raiders)
    5. Adam Shafron (Chigwell Ath.)
    6. Josh Hershman (Brady Maccabi)
    7. Lee Platt (Brady Maccabi)
    8. Elliot Espinoza (NL Raiders)
    9. Eddie Manson (Oakwood)
    10. Matt Drage (FC Team)
    11. David Dinkin (NL Raiders)

    1. Ben de la Fuente (Norstar)
    2. Leor Harel (Faithfold)
    3. Robin Scher (Norstar)
    4. James Kaye (Brixton Old Boys)
    5. Scott Shindler (Temple Fortune)
    6. Alex Aviram (Woodford Wanderers)
    7. Jonathan Peters (Norstar)
    8. David Gance (Temple Fortune)
    9. Paul Walker (Temple Fortune)
    10. Jamie Kent (Brixton Old Boys)
    11. Daniel Hildebrand (Faithfold)

    1. Bradley Grant (Glenthorne Utd)
    2. Adam Sandzer (Norstar)
    3. Josh Gaon (Norstar)
    4. Lee Ballen (Redbridge JC)
    5. Josh Sugarbread (Faithfold)
    6. Dan Breger (Heath Banta)
    7. Daniel Shafron (Glenthorne Utd)
    8. Daniel Lipman (Glenthorne Utd)
    9. Sam Sollosi (Redbridge JC)
    10. Ben Simons (Faithfold)
    11. Dan Gordon (Redbridge JC)

    1. Mitchel Ross (Glenthorne Utd)
    2. Adam Levene (North West Neasden)
    3. Johnny Meltzer (Inter B’wood)
    4. Joe Grant (Glenthorne Utd)
    5. Adam Speck (Blizzard Storm)
    6. Joe Levy (Inter Borehamwood)
    7. Nicky Plotnek (Shirley Park)
    8. Alex Rubin (Blizzard Storm)
    9. Dany Kon (Los Blancos)
    10. Fabio Revieccio (Glenthorne Utd)
    11. Jason Lindsay (Shirley Park)

    1. Ben de la Fuente (Norstar)
    2. Dan Jackson (Glenthorne Utd)
    3. Josh Gaon (Norstar)
    4. Julian Gertner (Los Blancos)
    5. Sean Ladier (Blizzard Storm)
    6. George Fierstone (NW Neasden)
    7. Steven Field (Brady Maccabi)
    8. Sam Sollosi (Redbridge JC)
    9. David Gance (Temple Fortune)
    10. Dany Kon (Los Blancos)
    11. Josh Hershman (Brady Maccabi)

    1. Phil Caplin (Camden Park)
    2. Rob Kaplan (Camden Park)
    3. Warren Schenk (Jewventus)
    4. Jason Sears (Brady Maccabi)
    5. Pete Lazard (London Maccabi Lions)
    6. Rick Harris (Camden Park)
    7. Danny Reuben (London Maccabi Lions)
    8. Gabriel John (Jewventus)
    9. Ben Simons (Faithfold)
    10. Daryl Phillips (Faithfold)
    11. Mark Wagman (Brady Maccabi)

    1. Akiva Lieberman (Sporting JLGB)
    2. Dan Ross (Leeds Maccabi)
    3. Ben Tyer (Manchester Maccabi)
    4. Michael Sacks (Manchester Mac.)
    5. Simon Kaye (Republic of Manc.)
    6. Dave Eden (Republic of Manc.)
    7. Louie Basso (Manchester Macc.)
    8. Rafi Bloom (Sporting JLGB)
    9. Dan Cohen (Oakhill Lions)
    10. Oli Grant (Hyde Park Rovers)
    11. Josh Hayes (Manchester Macc.)


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