Personal Protection Part 3 - Personal Safety Tips

November 24, 2016 22:56

This blog will be the conclusion of our insight into personal safety and Israeli Krav Maga. We finish with a look at how it all begun, krav fitness, krav women.

Thank you to the JC for providing this platform, all material is attributed to Moshe Katz, Chief Instructor of Israeli Krav International.

This will be the final blog from rwc-iki.

Your home is supposed to be your castle, your safe zone; let's do everything we can to keep it that way.
Information Over the Phone or in Person
If a child is home alone, he or she should be trained not to reveal the fact that they are alone. On the phone or at the door the child should pretend that a parent is home but cannot come to the door or phone at the moment. This applies even to people the child knows. If you do not know the caller do not reveal any information at all. He or she may be calling to check out the situation, gather information and see if this is a good home to rob.

If someone approaches a child on the street and starts up a conversation, the child should politely avoid this person and be careful not to reveal any information. The child should never reveal where they live, what bus they take to school. Do not give them any way to track you down. Avoid dangerous situations.
How might 'harmless' information turn very harmful? Here is an example. A friendly stranger strikes up a conversation with a child. 'So what do you like most about school? Oh, you like geography, that's great, I like it too. What grade are you in?'Later on this individual can call up the parents claiming to be a substitute teacher. He knows the child's grade and interests and can come across sounding legitimate. He might tell the parents about some special program which perfectly suits the child's interest. When he shows up at the door the child recognizes him as "a man she saw at school". We all know how badly this can end. Bottom line – Children should be trained not to give away any information to strangers.

Do Not Open the Door

This applies to children and adults. Do not let anyone con their way into your home, your safety zone. Phony deliveries, guys pretending to work for Con Ed, building 'inspectors' or guys who just need to 'use the phone'; you must always verify who they are. Ask for ID numbers and names. If they are legit they will understand, if they are not – the will scram.

Strangers Collecting Donations

Children should not open the door for anyone unknown, period. Even adults should be careful. Anyone can claim to be collecting for a charitable organization. You can through the peep hole and ask for identifying documents or, ask them to mail you a request.

In Israel a scam was uncovered by a woman who asked the correct questions and followed these safety precautions. Two teenagers were pretending to collect money for the Israeli Cancer Society. They were really collecting for themselves. They knock on the door of a woman who is a regular contributor and knows how often they come. She suspects something, even though the boys have all the correct documentations and the official receipt book of the organization. She calls the Cancer Society. They claim no knowledge of these boys and they are not currently collecting. The police arrive. The boys are arrested, as is the 'unemployed' father of one of them. He is a computer expert and has totally copied all the stationary and logos of the Cancer Society. They had already collected tens of thousands of dollars. Although no violence was involved in this particular case it is an example of how thousands of people were duped over a long period of time. None of them suspected the boys. The intelligent and strategic reaction of one woman brought the criminal activity to an end. If you have a doubt about the "the representative of the electric company' or telephone company- call the company directly and ask if they sent someone. Don't be fooled by official looking papers or uniforms. They are very easy to produce.

Do Not Buzz People in with Intercom unless they are fully know to you.Do not do a favor for someone you do not know.
Even with someone you know
If you are a child check with your parents to verify that this person should be allowed in when they are away. Many friends of family and relatives have committed rape.
Do Not Accept Unexpected Packages
Do not open packages from unknown sources. Always check the return address.

When Away on Vacation

Do not leave message on answering machine saying you will be away. Arrange to have paper delivery stopped; uncollected papers outside your home indicate you are away for a long time.

Refuse Help from Strangers
In this world there are some people who are genuinely good and want to help. They will see someone struggling with a heavy load and offer to help you, usually it is safer and wiser to say no. If you are new in a neighborhood, a small friendly community, it might be OK to accept help form a stranger who lives there. On the other hand, if you are in a busy train station and a stranger walks up to you and offers to carry your bags, it is wiser to refuse; he may be intending to carry your bags all the way home, to his home.
Similarly there are people who hang around parking lots of shopping centers waiting for women and offering to help them with their groceries. Sometimes they just want to steal your groceries, other times they want to get into your car and harm you or steal your car. In parking lots or train stations it is best to refuse help and REFUSE IT FIRMLY.
For more on this topic I highly recommend "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker.
Don't Trust Strangers
Do not believe stories, do not trust strangers in any way, remain alert. Do not give out any personal information or details as to where you are traveling. A friendly chat can be an assailant's way of gathering information.
Do Not Help Strangers Actively
Do not go along with them to help them find a 'lost puppy' or search for a contact lenses. Many children have fallen to such tricks and paid dearly. Do not get into stranger's cars. It they are asking for directions, help them from a distance, do not get into their car and do not lean into their car door or window. Perhaps they are trying to distract you while a partner pick pockets you, or worse. Remain alert.
Beware of Kids being used as decoys by adults
Who is afraid of a kid? What harm can come by helping a kid find a lost puppy? He or she may be part of a scam. As soon as you walk into the park to find that puppy you might find a violent mugger instead. Never follow a child into an unknown zone.

Parking Lots
On the subject of parking lots; they could be dangerous. Try to park close to the place you will be going to and coming from. Limit the amount of time you will be alone. When you are approaching you car keep your eyes open for any suspicious looking people who might be "hanging around." Have your car keys ready, do not be caught fumbling for your keys in a panic.
Before entering your car, look inside. Is there someone hiding in your back seat? Is the door open when you remember locking it? Does the car look like someone has been tampering with it? Try to park in a well lit space, preferably near other cars.

While Walking or Jogging
These are great activities for your health, unless you get mugged while doing so. Think about where you are going. Are you familiar with the route? Have you been there before? Are there any potential dangers you can think of? Is it a deserted area or is there some way to call for help? What time of day or night is it? Is the area well lit?
These are all questions you should think about before choosing your running route. Obviously you should avoid places known to be risky. Many women have been raped and murdered when running alone at night. Often there are three mistakes: A. Being alone, B. Dark places, C. Listening to walkman or ipod or Discman.
Travel in Pairs
While walking or jogging it is safer to travel in pairs. If you are in your own neighborhood, and it is a very safe neighborhood, and you are jogging in broad day light through a populated area, chances are you should be OK. In general attackers are less likely to attack if you are not alone.
Do Not Hitch-hike
In Israel, bus drivers must allow you on the bus even if don't have any money on you. Promise to pay later but do not be left on the road without a way to get home. If the driver refuses; ask for his name and number, he will be tried and fined.
Avoid Public Rest rooms when Possible
When absolutely necessary to sue them, be on your guard and be as quick as possible. Don’t' totally believe in the safety of a locked door. (see "Be Streetwise" by Arthur Cohen)
Train or Bus Station
Don't hang around. Leave with crowd.
If you are staying in a hotel, click on hotel
When you are paying, be careful not to flash large bills. Do not leave your purse or wallet on the counter while you are paying, I have actually seen people do this. Personally I take the money out before I get to the cashier and I only take out the approximate amount that I need. Thus no one ever sees me taking out my wallet. Do not show expensive jewelry in a place where it will attack the wrong kind of attention.
Talking on the Phone in Public Places
Minimize conversations, be alert, do not appear distracted. Do not lend your phone to others; make a call for them if absolutely necessary.
Pretend You Are a Local
If you are walking through an area you are not familiar with, or even if you are totally lost, try to give the impression that you know exactly where you are; you know where you are going and you are not the least bit concerned. If you need to stop and look at street signs or at a map, try to do it in a way that does not show that you are totally lost, show no fear. I try to walk through unfamiliar areas with confident strides as if to say, "Yeah, this is my neighborhood!"
Don't Leave Alone
When leaving work or a party late at night, don't be the last one to leave, it is better to leave with a group and stay together.
Is Someone Following You?
This may seem obvious but some people are totally unaware. Pay attention to what is going on around you and behind you. Is someone always behind you? Perhaps he is following you and looking for an opportunity to make his move. Be alert, avoid trouble.
Do not leave your bag or valuables on the seat next to you, someone can reach in and take it. We have a saying in Israel, "If you open a window for a thief, he will come in

Krav Maga History

Krav Maga literally means "Combat – Contact" or "Close Quarter Combat". The roots of modern Krav maga began in Czechoslovakia in the 1930's with Imi Lichtenfeld, an expert in boxing and wrestling. He was influenced by his father, Shmuel, a detective and Defensive Tactics instructor with the local police force. Shmuel Lichtenfeld was known as a tough officer with a reputation for arresting the most violent criminals.

Young Imi grew up in a tough area and had to deal with fascist thugs, violent gangs and anti Semites. On the street he learned to distinguish between sporting techniques and real life self defense.

Imi Lichtenfeld began to incorporate techniques from different styles to form an effective approach to self defense to enable the Jewish community to defend itself against Fascist militias. This would form the basis of Israeli Krav Maga training.

When Europe became unbearable for Jews, Imi left. He eventually ended up in the Land of Israel, then controlled by the British.

He joined the "Hagana" (Defense, in Hebrew) a defensive force founded by the legendary leader Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky in 1919 for the purpose of defending Jewish settlements from Arabs.

Jabotinsky was one of the great Jewish leaders of that century. He foresaw doom for European Jewry and urged them to relocate to the Land of Israel. He founded the Betar youth movement and the Herut (Freedom) political party. Future Prime ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzchak Shamir were among his disciples.

Jabotinsky, or Jabo as he was known by the Jewish masses, was not only a great leader and speaker, he was also a writer and a poet. He wrote in many languages; text books on Hebrew language, novels , and poems . His works inspired his generations and the those that followed. One of his most famous articles was, "Jews; Learn to Shoot!" Jabotinsky formed the Zion Mule Corps as part of the British army in World War One, and he himself enlisted as a private.

While Jabotinsky was the philosophical force behind Jewish military revival, Lichtenfeld was the hands-on krav maga instructor.

Lichtenfeld's talents were noticed and he was assigned to teach unarmed combat. Krav Maga includes techniques form judo, jujitsu, karate, Western Boxing and elements of wrestling. With the establishment of the State of Israel Krav Maga was adopted as the official fighting style of the Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Police Force.

Krav Maga is free flowing; all styles of punching, kicking, chokes, take-downs are employed with the aim of neutralizing the enemy in the shortest amount of time possible.

Unlike competitive martial arts, where limits are placed on the type of techniques used or the areas targeted, Krav Maga has no limitations. Groin shots, eyes, throat, face, are all fair game. Therefore Krav Maga does not hold competitions and does not seek to be represented in the olympics . The danger to the participants would simply be too great.

Krav Maga is designed for self defense, combat, and worst case scenarios. A major part of the training involves the ability to handle such stressful situations, both physically and mentally.

The style is easy to learn and apply. Krav Maga chooses simple movements that are natural to the body, based on instincts that are already established within us.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Krav maga, according to Itay Gil, is the emphasis on aggressiveness, sticking to the goal no matter what, even when it is hard, even when you feel you have nothing left, and a no compromising attitude towards the enemy. Our goal is to neutralize the enemy; the specific technique does not matter.

Krav Maga is taught to all units of the Israel Defense Forces , the amount depends upon the unit. As such nearly everyone in Israel has some Krav Maga training. Depending on the unit, knife and gun disarms are also taught. All training involves strict discipline, aggressiveness and a warrior mindset.

Krav Maga exercise is built into our training. Physical fitness is a major component of Krav maga. Basic Krav maga training in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) includes a limited number of techniques but a high emphasis on endurance and fitness. Combat conditions dictate that a soldier must be able to fight and defend himself while fatigued; often after hours of hiking through difficult terrain or engaging the enemy in fire fights. Military Krav Maga is designed to produce a "mean lean fighting machine" and it can do the same for you.

Drills – In krav maga combat training, soldiers will run for a period of time (adjust to your fitness level) and then, while fatigued, will "attack" a punching bag with an assortment of strikes. (Again, adjust to your fitness level). This produces an amazing workout)

Combinations: We form combinations using punching, elbow strikes, knee kicks and low kicks. These can be done against a punching bag or shield; we do not advocate doing it in the air. The complexity and length of the drill will depend upon the fitness and level of the participant.

Ground fighting: Anyone who has grappled or wrestled knows that nothing is quite as tiring a ground fighting. In Krav Maga we use a great deal of ground fighting, both against other ground fighters and also against standing opponents.

Variety: The combination of stand up fighting, ground fighting, running, push ups, sit ups and two person drills produces a varied workout that is always changing. This helps prevent burnout; the greatest obstacle to any fitness program.

Women have played a role in Israeli fighting history from the very beginning.

Today Krav Maga/Israeli self defense training, is being used to empower women around the world by preparing them for whatever might come their way. The style is perfect for today's independent busy woman and, in fact, has been adopted by many as their exercise and safety plan of choice.These women develop practical skills and practical strength and fitness; combat fitness.

For years Krav Maga has been providing training and education to Israeli women in:

Awareness - Know what is out there

Prevention - Know how to avoid trouble

Response - Knowing how to respond to a threat or attack in real-time.

Self-Realization - Knowledge of your own physical power, confidence that you know how to handle yourself.

Today this is available to anyone who wants it and is willing to invest in themselves.

Reference source: Moshe Katz,

November 24, 2016 22:56

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