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Join us: an invitation from CST

    CST stands for Community Security Trust, the charity that provides security for British Jews.

    Sadly, the threat of terrorism is very obvious, ranging from a deadly bombing in Manchester to vehicle and knife attacks in London. Arrests occur throughout Britain at an unprecedented rate. In addition to this, antisemitism seems to be increasingly visible, as if it is moving from the extreme shadows into the mainstream light. Nearly every month, more than 100 antisemitic incidents are reported to CST, a figure that has more than doubled since 2013.

    CST works against all of this antisemitism, racism and terrorism, so Jews can openly lead the lives of their choice. It invites others to join it in this mission.

    From offices in London, Manchester and Leeds, CST runs a nationwide network of well over 2,000 fully trained communal security volunteers. They learn self-confidence, decision-making, physical fitness, awareness, calmness under pressure and how to be assertive in a constructive and polite manner. These are valuable life skills, enabling CST’s personnel to provide the highest levels of dedicated security work, standing proud for themselves, their family, friends and community.

    Together, CST staff and volunteers secure more than 600 Jewish communal buildings and approximately 1,000 communal events each year.

    In recent years, CST has spent more than ten million pounds on enhancing the security of Jewish communal buildings throughout the UK. CST is also responsible for obtaining and managing Government funding for commercial security guards at Jewish schools, synagogues and other venues.

    CST helps and supports victims of antisemitism and monitors and records antisemitic activities and incidents. It is the only UK organisation that records, analyses and publishes nationwide statistics and information about antisemitic incidents and hate crimes. Its statistics and analysis are widely accepted by police, politicians, academics and the media as being the most reliable data on antisemitism today.

    CST exists not to publicise antisemitism but to facilitate Jewish life. It will always be honest about the state of antisemitism but will always behave responsibly, without spreading panic or fear and by placing antisemitism in the wider context of the positive reality of what is normal, daily Jewish life.

    CST’s knowledge underpins its role in representing British Jewry to police, Government and media on antisemitism and security. Operational partnership with the police is a crucial basis for providing security and reassurance, while working with friendly and responsible politicians from all parties means communal concerns are heard and acted upon.

    All of CST’s work is provided free but it relies on the partnership and active participation of the entire Jewish community: for its volunteer recruits, for its funding, for reporting and also for the willing co-operation that underpins every one of its activities throughout UK communities. Join it — and help to fight antisemitism.


    London: 020 8457 9999

    Manchester: 0161 792 6666

    Leeds: 0113 237 1980

    Emergency (24-hr): 0800 032 3263

    Registered charity 1042391 SC043612 (Scotland)