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Hannah Sharron

A message to Jennie Formby on George Galloway

As former Labour MP George Galloway announces his intention to rejoin the party, one young Jewish woman writes a heartfelt letter to Labour's general secretary

    Dear Ms Formby,

    I am not a member of the Labour Party. This means I cannot use the excellent ‘No Way Galloway’ tool online [a website set up for Labour members to register their opposition to George Galloway rejoining the party], but it doesn’t mean I can’t write to you to express my opinion.

    I understand and appreciate that you will need to prioritise the views of members above those of non-members, and besides, there are those who’d say I’m wasting my time. After all, what’s the likelihood that you’ll care what I have to say, when I am one of those people you have, either personally or on behalf of the Labour Party, ignored and belittled - a Jew?

    But I hope (yes, extremely optimistically and against a lot of evidence to the contrary) that you will prove the naysayers wrong and take a moment to listen to me.

    I have held Labour values for as long as I have been able to express my own opinions but, as I said before, I’m not currently a member of the party. This is because I can’t bring myself to belong to a party that allows antisemitism to flourish, which has undeniably happened and continues to happen.

    The relationship between the Labour Party and my community is at breaking point - the resignations this week have proven that - but I believe there is still some hope. With a new leader, a new direction and action instead of empty words, we might be able to turn a corner. Then I would consider joining the party whose values I share, but whose membership makes it too hostile for me to do so at the moment.

    But not if you re-admit George Galloway. If you allow him back into the party, I will never join. Not now, not ever. And I will commit to doing everything in my power to ensure that we never have a Labour government, for as long as that man's disgusting ideologies are welcomed into a party while Jews are not. I will not insult your intelligence by detailing his numerous offences here but if you would like to know why I oppose him so vehemently, I would be happy to have a conversation with you.

    I am not a member of the Labour Party, but I hope one day I can be. Please take my views into consideration.

    Kind regards

    Hannah Sharron