Mudslinging bikini activists protest against Ahava and Kristin Davis

By Marcus Dysch, August 14, 2009

Stolen Beauty, a group committed to boycotting Israeli goods, has specifically targeted Oxfam ambassador Kristin Davis and her promotion of Ahava cosmetics.

Stolen Beauty is run by American women who were initially opposed to the Iraq war. They turned their attention to Israel in June, with bikini-clad protestors demonstrating outside an Ahava store in Washington DC and gate-crashing a beach party event promoting Tel Aviv in New York City.

On its website, the group states: “Don’t let the ‘Made in Israel’ sticker fool you; when you buy Ahava products you help finance the destruction of hope for a peaceful and just future for both Israelis and Palestinians.

“Ahava puts a pretty face on its crimes, even paying Oxfam ambassador and Sex and the City star Kristin Davis to be its spokeswoman.”

Ahava’s mud and mineral products are made in the Mitzpe Shalem kibbutz, around a mile from the banks of the Dead Sea.

The settlement, which is beyond the Green Line, has an Ahava factory which employs 120 people.

Last updated: 9:58am, August 14 2009