Marrying out? Come to Israel instead

By Simon Rocker, September 9, 2009

An anti-assimilation campaign with Israeli government backing is generating fierce controversy, according to Ha’aretz.

The newspaper reports: “The campaign… urges Israelis to report the particulars of acquaintances living abroad so that these people, who are ‘in danger’ of marrying non-Jews, can be persuaded to come to Israel.

“The 10-day Hebrew-language campaign has been mounted by MASA, a partnership between the Jewish Agency and the Israeli government that helps finance and market Israel programs for diaspora Jews.

“It features images of missing-person posters, with Jewish-sounding names written along the bottom. The message is that assimilated Jews are ‘lost’ persons who must be brought home, to Israel.”

Last updated: 3:51pm, September 9 2009