7Grani: band play at Buchenwald

By Dina Rickman, January 22, 2010

Rock band 7Grani have released the first music video shot inside a concentration camp – just in time for Holocaust Memorial day.

The four piece Italian band recorded the video for their ballad ‘Neve Diventeremo’ in Buchenwald, a Nazi camp near Weimar in Germany.

The band were given go ahead to shoot the first music video inside a concentration camp by the deputy-director of the memorial site at Buchenwald, Rikola-Gunnar Luettgenau.

Almost 60,000 people were worked to death by the SS during World War II in Buchenwald, and ‘Neve Diventeremo’ is dedicated to all of those who died in and were deported to Nazi camps during the Second World War.

Unlike the Easyjet magazine fashion shoot photographs taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, the video has been well received, with over 7,000 views on youtube.

One commentator on the video said: “I am from Israel and it is really touched my heart .
Thank you very much for the song and for not forgetting!”

7Grani now plan to use the video to educate people about the Holocaust on their next tour.

    Last updated: 2:14pm, January 22 2010