Woolf Institute lecture: Archbishop Vincent Nichols

February 20, 2012

On Wednesday the 8th February, Archbishop Vincent Nichols delivered a Woolf Institute public lecture on the subject of 'God in the City'.

Reflecting on the theme of the common good, the Archbishop remarked that "one of the significant features of our times is the profound desire to foster and benefit from genuine dialogue between our religious beliefs and traditions. This desire is shaped not only by the evident need for our society to find a sound ethical basis on which to build, not only the need to generate in society those values which lead to generous, selfless service, but also out of the religious conviction that the one eternal God graces our world in many ways. It is in response to that graciousness, that gratuity, that we, in our turn, offer to each other a warmth and a respect which motivates us to explore together, to study together and together serve the cause of human flourishing."