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JC Exclusive: Chief Rabbi Mirvis greeted by Limmud Executive Director Shelley Marsh

By Daniel Easterman, December 23, 2013

JC Exclusive: Chief Rabbi Mirvis is greeted at Limmud entrance by Conference Executive Director Shelley Marsh.


JC Exclusive: Chief Rabbi Mirvis arrives at Limmud 2013

By Daniel Easterman, December 23, 2013

Chief Rabbi makes his historic first visit to Limmud.


Historian Simon Schama speaking to the JC Editor

By Rosa Doherty, December 19, 2013
Speaking at a JC Editor’s Choice event at the JW3 centre in north-west London on Tuesday,historian Simon Schama restated his Zionist beliefs, and called for a shift in the public view of Jews as “either victims or bullies”.


Chief Rabbi of South Africa's opening prayer at the Mandela memorial

By Rosa Doherty, December 11, 2013
World leaders joined tens of thousands of people at the FNB Stadium to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. The Chief Rabbi of South Africa opened the prayer service.


Benjamin Netanyahu pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

By Daniel Easterman, December 6, 2013

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Mr Mandela "was one of the outstanding figures of our time. He was the father of his nation, a man of vision, a fighter for freedom who avoided violence".


Watch: Balfour 1925 pre-state Israel visit

November 8, 2013
Rare footage of Lord Balfour’s 1925 visit to pre-state Israel released in several parts on YouTube for the first time.


Watch: sisterhood flash mob takes Tel Aviv

By Charlotte Oliver, October 23, 2013

Women ran for leadership positions in 40 municipalities in Israel this week - more than double the numbers of previous years.

To spread the message, WePower - a feminist NGO in Israel - organized a flash mob in central Tel Aviv to the rousing sounds of "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves".


WATCH: Bride's wedding video

By Rosa Doherty, October 10, 2013

WARNING: This video contains language some may find offensive

Watch here the unexpurgated highlights of the footage Anthony Aurelius recorded on Claudia and Stan's big day.

Read the story here


Prime Minister David Cameron speaks at the Holocaust Educational Trust dinner

September 30, 2013

David Cameron believes Britain “had to take a stand” following the chemical weapon attacks in Syria and thinks that the Holocaust provides a chilling lesson of what can happen when outrages are not tackled.


David Cameron's Rosh Hashanah message

September 4, 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron's Rosh Hashana message.