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  • RE: Rolls of honour: our bagels taste test

    "I think the members of the judging panel would be proud of the city of Bath - a bagel shop there (The Whole Bagel) would have commanded some high scores! If they ever get a chance to visit, I recommed(...)" klmklm



The UK International Jewish Film Festival: A delicious mix of movies to whet your appetite.

By Victoria Prever, November 3, 2016

How could you not be enticed (or at least amused) by a film called Hummus! The Movie? Definitely a "must-see"; up there with Chocolat and Ratatouille. If you do fancy an evening concentrating on one of the Middle East's most successful exports then you're in luck.


Party like it's Simchat Torah

By Victoria Prever, October 21, 2016

JC Food asked two drinks experts for their top three kosher tipples to give to friends and to toast in the Torah. Here are their picks:

Morris Herzog of Royal Wine Europe and Kedem Europe recommends:

1. Fashionably flavoured vodkas:

"Infused vodka is very fashionable at the moment. Carvo Caramel vodka is South African and packaged well enough to make a lovely gift.


Fast-breaking with tradition

By Victoria Prever, October 6, 2016

We're united in the pain of Yom Kippur's 25-hour deprivation. The breaking of that fast, however, can cause marital disputes.

Challah or honey cake with "a nice cup of tea" (or coffee) is universally popular, but we're split over what comes next. When two become one, family traditions may not always tally. Some families feast and others keep it light.


Need Divine inspiration?

By Victoria Prever, September 29, 2016

Israel's surprisingly wide range of gastronomical traditions relative to its size is well documented. Less well known is the regionality of the country's food scene.

"Distinct areas with geographical, cultural and culinary singularities are slowly emerging," explains David Haliva, creator of the recently published Divine Food: Israeli and Palestinian Food Culture and Recipes.


The Palomar cookbook: a family affair

By Victoria Prever, August 26, 2016

From the minute The Palomar opened its shiny glass door onto Soho's not so shiny Rupert Street, a cook book was on the cards. Critical acclaim and a cluster of awards have sealed it as one of the most exciting Israeli imports of the last few years.


I scream, you scream, we're free - from cream

By Victoria Prever, August 18, 2016

A whole new world of dairy-free, frozen desserts has opened up for the ice cream lover looking for a sweet treat to end a meaty meal.

The stalwart of the kosher freezer - Swedish Glace (now part of the Unilever stable) - is jostling for freezer space with a raft of parev desserts; but will they ever be as good as the real thing?


Keeping it kosher far from home

By Victoria Prever, August 12, 2016

Food is so central for most of us that we're planning lunch while eating breakfast, especially on holiday. Eating well - or indeed at all - when you're away from home is not always easy when you're keeping kosher.

Unsurprisingly there are options out there to make life easier.


The art of breditation

By Victoria Prever, August 4, 2016

Stressed or anxious? You might feel better if you get your hands on some dough. So says psychotherapist, Gillian Levy, who has set up courses teaching what she terms as "Breaditation". "My nephew coined the term for courses of mine which combine meditation, mindfulness and bread making," she says.


A blessing for the B-Mum

By Victoria Prever, July 14, 2016

Bar and batmitzvahs are not just a milestone for the child moving into adulthood.


Dinner time and it's action stations

By Victoria Prever, July 14, 2016

"Every one of my clients wants to introduce something that will differentiate their party from all the others they will be going to," says Kati Pauk of party organiser KP Events. They provide not only food, but a bit of theatre to keep your guests entertained.

Sushi chefs preparing sushi before your eyes, crêpes made to order and shawarma carved directly from the rotating spit all impress.


Proposals for a summer marriage

By Victoria Prever, July 14, 2016

With so much fresh produce available, summer is a fabulously foodie time of year to get married. There might even be too much choice for the indecisive to bear. Should it be barbecued lamb and salads? Carved fruits? We spoke to caterers to get their feedback.

Do consider location


Divorce doesn't have to destroy your sanity

By Victoria Prever, June 23, 2016

Everyone loves a wedding. A divorce, not so much – and an acrimonious divorce even less so.

When it happened to Laura Rosefield in 2009, she found the experience overwhelming.

The 38-year-old mother of one - who practised as a criminal barrister until she had her son - was surprised by how badly affected she was.


Edible fashions to take you from dawn to dusk

By Victoria Prever, June 21, 2016

The foodie news this season includes some exciting restaurant openings, a glamorous breakfast location, an inspirational cocktail and the easiest gourmet picnics in town.

In Vogue

It's all about Vogue this year, as the fashion magazine celebrates its centenary. At Westfield London, a Vogue café will be open from June 27 until September 25.


At last we can get our hands on a burger

By Victoria Prever, June 21, 2016

Who doesn't like a burger? It is the perfect package of beef, onion, lettuce and tomatoes, squished between two halves of a soft, sweet bread roll. Few foods can compete for speedy satisfaction. Problem is, most are out of bounds.

Thankfully kosher restaurants are wising up to foodie trends.


Miss a minute, miss out

By Victoria Prever, June 17, 2016

Nine more sleeps until the doors open at JW3 for Gefiltefest 2016, and it's time to plan your day .