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I care Israel and our ancestral memories more than most anything. That crumbly Jerusalem wall that you see on the News (the Wailing Wall/the Kotel) is the last remaining wall of my ancestor's Temple. King Solomon. Israel is to Jews and Christians what Thailand is to Bhuddists. If you find this unacceptable - if - compare this love with a Roman Catholic's love for Italy's Vatican or Lourdes. Only difference is that Israel's Biblical relics make it a popular target for terrorists, the same type of person that tries to destroy everywhere else - something Islamophiles inexplicably dislike hearing.




David Icke - why?

By stellasolomons, February 16, 2012

One lengthy blog about one Tunisian Jew who didn't want to live in Israel,
full of speculation.


I've got a friend of Celtic stock who doesn't want to live in Wales.
So please stop kicking us around.

The Reptilian thing is bang-on, though.

But there's alot of antipathy about Zionism, so give us a break.



By stellasolomons, December 11, 2011

Zionism! The Kaballah, Madonna's one and the ancient one that hippies use to navigate the ether, have nothing to do with politics. The Z-word was first used in politics at the end of the nineteenth century, comparatively recently. Each to their own for spiritual routes, it's a big planet; I gather Lauren Booth felt something sprirtual - but who doesn't feel moved by religion?


Icke and October 27th. 2012

By stellasolomons, December 4, 2011

Come October 27th in Wembley, embarrassed, David Icke will tell you not to believe a word I say, but what good is his talk anyway? That's all he does! Support Occupy - out there and famous in three months flat. Here is my channel, Icke solves nothing, he has no educational qualifications, and is terrified of being Islamophobic.



an invitation to Watchful Iris

By stellasolomons, September 26, 2011

More and more I want to know what blog/s you would write. Nobody dislikes us quite like you, with that all-seeing yet anonymous eyeball of yours. Please don't hold back Iris. A larger portion of your insights is called for in this microcosm of Zionist democracy here.


Israel Hate Week - our detractors proved wrong here

By stellasolomons, March 9, 2011

In a fair few social settings, I come across Israeli supporters/perceptive judges of humankind, but in case other JC readers are not in this position, show people this link :)



Channel4's The Promise: I Know Jews had it worse than this. Please read.

By stellasolomons, February 8, 2011

Have a working knowledge of the technique of the genre used - docudrama - obviously a mix of documentary and drama, and herein lies the rub, as the two genres let each other down somehow, in this case, sacrficing fact for a family-acceptable TV series. 2011.

I remember reading, trying, as an eight year old, to read the book called the Scourge Of The Swastika, by Lord Russell Of Liverpool (linked at this posting's end) which was a serious hardback for a kid.


Two Amnesty Workers Nabbed In Egypt!

By stellasolomons, February 4, 2011

I have an email subscription to Am, but who'd have thought it, Amnesty are not welcome in Egypt. The implications are intruiging...



Two Amnesty Workers Nabbed In Egypt!

By stellasolomons, February 4, 2011

I have an email subscription to Am, but who'd have thought it, Amnesty are not welcome in Egypt. The implications are intruiging...Suzanna??



About Theroux - Israel: Plays To Win With Pre-Emptive Tactics?

By stellasolomons, February 4, 2011

Without keeping a good grip on Hamas and its acolytes, the alternative would be terrifying. Zionism compared jihad is not that bad! So if Israel keeps control, I for one am pleased.

:( A blog about Loius Theroux is here >

:( Theroux's Israel on YouTube >

Why did Israel want to go with the BBC, what with Honest Reporting's giant dossier on them published just last year?


A Shocking Photograph To See

By stellasolomons, January 22, 2011


It's a terrible shame that the woman was not arrested, but was allowed to pose, static. While I know some Muslims socially who are friendly, at least any hateful attempts are checked by shuls' security firms before they start.