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Married for now 42 years to a Christian (who actually is an atheist). Sorry Rabbi Sachs but my parents parted in 1952 - when I was 2 - so marriage didn't work for some Jewish couples even then. But happily bought up by my most wonderful Grandparents in the world and Mum. Yes! My Grannie was the bestest cook ever! Did try Hebrew school when young but the teacher was so scary.So know more Yiddish (quite a bit actually) than Hebrew. On my Grampa's side can trace my Jewish Sephardi roots right back to the 11th century - my Great Grandma's maiden name was Corcos. No idea on my father's side at all.Except that his teetotal parents ran a pub in the East End.Oh and my birth is mentioned in the Jewish Chronicle Archives. I have two lovely children - a daughter and son.Plus I'm now a grannie too, with two beautiful grand daughters and a handsome young grandson. I run a catering business near Brighton, specialising in Vintage Tea Parties. Obviously not Kosher,but I can make the perfect Matzo Balls, Chopped Liver, Egg and Onion, Gelfelte fish and of course Chicken Soup! Though I must admit I don't pull all the innards out like Grannie used to do :-(. I also have a Jewish Dutch recipe (from my Grannie's side of the family) she called Potato and Rice - very tasty - very fattening so I don't use chicken fat. I regularly read the JC online. I particularly like reading Maureen Lipman on the Comment Page,always makes me chuckle - more please Miss Lipman! I may not visit synagogues or light candles Friday night - but one thing for sure I am Jewish and nothing will ever change that- very proud to be too.! I think that's it for moi!


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