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Israel fire eyewitness: 'We were trying to out-run the flames'

By Orlando Radice, December 1, 2016

Rachel Creeger had gone to bed after a happy day in the company of relatives in the village of Neve Tzuf.

Shortly afterwards, there was a banging on her door.

One of her host's daughters shouted: "Fire, fire is coming, we need to get out!"

She threw a coat at Ms Creeger, who picked up her bag and ran for the exit.


Francois Fillon says Jews 'did not respect the law'

By Orlando Radice, November 24, 2016

The man tipped to become France’s conservative candidate in next year’s presidential election has suggested that, historically, Jews did not respect the country’s laws.


Israeli minister learning lessons on policing from the bobby on the beat

By Orlando Radice, September 8, 2016

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is planning to boost the number of Arabs serving in the police force in an initiative modelled on community policing methods in the UK.


Rabbi hints at new dawn in Israel-Saudi relations

By Orlando Radice, August 5, 2016

A former Israeli minister has said that the day is approaching when he will be able to visit to Riyadh using his Israeli passport.

Rabbi Michael Melchior, who was part of an Israeli group that met a high-level Saudi delegation in Ramallah at the end of last month, said during a briefing organised by think tank Bicom: “That day could be much sooner than you dream about.”


The unlikely sweet spot in the fight against global jihad

By Orlando Radice, June 24, 2016

Draped along the edge of a hill overlooking the Hula Valley, the Israeli village of Metula occupies what appears to be an inadvisable position.

Just 300 yards from its community hall, past the security fence marking the border with Lebanon to the north, flutters a yellow Hizbollah flag.


Strategic stars are aligning for Israel

By Orlando Radice, June 23, 2016

One of American Vice President Joe Biden's favourite Israel-related stories is about his 1973 meeting with then-Israeli prime minister Golda Meir.


Barak says Israel is on the edge of an 'abyss'

By Orlando Radice, June 16, 2016

Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak warned that Israel was on the edge of a strategic “abyss” in his speech to the Herzliya conference on Thursday.

In a long and comprehensive assault on the Netanyahu government, he said: “A fanatical ideology has taken over Likud. They have taken over using people’s fears and weaknesses.


Moshe Yaalon declares intention to run for prime minister

By Orlando Radice, June 16, 2016

Former Israeli defence minister Moshe Yaalon has declared his intention to run for prime minister.

Speaking at the Herzliya conference on Thursday, Mr Yaalon’s announcement sparked loud applause.

Mr Yaalon, not known for highly emotional speeches, also lashed out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Israel grappling with tribal threats at home and abroad

By Orlando Radice, June 16, 2016

As they say in the Israeli intelligence community, in order to see into the future, one has to first penetrate the fog of the present. And the consensus right now is that the fog is very thick in the Middle East.


Third intifada? No. This was the Constant Intifada

By Orlando Radice, June 9, 2016

It is tempting to immediately assign last night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv to the wave of ‘Third Intifada’ or ‘Knife Intifada’ terror attacks that began in October.


'Revolution' in Israeli links to Arab countries

By Orlando Radice, June 9, 2016

Israel's relationship with several Sunni Arab states is undergoing a "revolution", according to Jerusalem's new ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev.

The ambassador indicated that discussions were taking place "as we speak" on deepening security and political ties.


'Israel is in a battle with itself over basic values'

By Orlando Radice, May 19, 2016

When Dan Meridor talks about the importance of politicians saying things that "have to be said", no matter how unpopular those statements might be, there is no reason to doubt his sincerity.


Ben-Gurion University’s David Newman faces probe over sexual harassment claim

By Orlando Radice, May 5, 2016

Professor David Newman, dean of the humanities and social sciences department at Ben-Gurion University, is facing disciplinary proceedings after being accused of sexual harassment by a student.

Rivka Carmi, the university’s president, decided to approve the disciplinary process after a preliminary inquiry was carried out.


Being head of Mossad? It's a lonely job

By Orlando Radice, April 15, 2016

It seems appropriate that when Efraim Halevy recalls the terror of the Blitz, he does not speak of being terrified. Instead, he details the noise made by the German V2 missile as it flew overhead: "We used to hear the whistle of the rocket as they broke the speed of sound."


The last chance or no chance? Debating the two-state solution

By Orlando Radice, March 10, 2016

Israel is in the midst of a third intifada and close to losing the last opportunity it has to prevent future uprisings.

This was the warning sounded by Danny Seidemann, a lawyer and expert on Jerusalem's borders, during a Security Conference organised by left-leaning Zionist NGOs Yachad and the New Israel Fund in London on Sunday.