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Bohemia Suites & Spa

By Lucy Tobin, October 1, 2015

It's a 30-minute drive from the airport to this five-star adults-only spa in Playa de Inglés on Gran Canaria's south coast.

It oozes a sense of Bohemia from the tinkling fountain at the entrance to the retro rocking chair-filled, uplit lobby.


Don't moan — include us in

By Lucy Tobin, June 27, 2011

Those who like to moan about generation Y's religious hiatus need only gaze around a synagogue of a Saturday morning. Amid the kippot hiding bald patches and the kids released from children's services to scout for kiddush crisps, there might be a sprinkling of youthful newlyweds or keen 20-somethings, but not many.


Making the most of Greece

By Lucy Tobin, April 7, 2011

There can't be many links between Turkey Twizzlers and a dream Grecian holiday. But here's one. When Jamie Oliver condemned the Twizzler for being unhealthy during his school dinners TV series, the negative publicity sent sales soaring.


The white stuff and the right stuff in France

By Lucy Tobin, October 7, 2010

The first - and last - time I went skiing was when I was 14. It was a school trip to Alpe D'huez in France, and the teachers told our parents that since we might not enjoy the feeling of hurling down a white mountain in freezing temperatures, it wasn't worth spending hundreds on kit - better to borrow.

So I spent the week in a borrowed all-in-one in bright yellow, purple and brown, and completely a relic from the 1980s.


Naples: For some, Italy will never go out of fashion

By Lucy Tobin, October 1, 2009

We were on an intrepid mission and there were risks: blisters, arguments, financial ruin and a 4am wake-up call before dragging our cases on to a National Express bus at Golders Green, and then queueing for an easyJet flight to Naples.

It was tough: traipsing around Mafia-imbued streets, reading and then abandoning all guide books.


The Caribbean: An ideal recessionista retreat

By Lucy Tobin, July 16, 2009

My flip-flopped feet were speeding towards the beach when I heard someone shouting at me. I thought I’d been spotted smuggling fruit out of the breakfast buffet, but the smiling Barbadian just said: “Stop rushing — it’s illegal to hurry in the Caribbean!”


Israel's cyber warriors

By Lucy Tobin, February 12, 2009

When Joel Leyden speaks about Israel, 89,000 people listen. His name may not be familiar, but if you have ever used Google to look up anything on the Middle East, then you have probably had your search results influenced by him. And if you are one of the 150 million users of the social networking website Facebook, then it is likely that you have read something written by him. You might even be one of the almost 100,000 members of his group called “I support the Israel Defence Forces in Preventing Terror Attacks from Gaza.”