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  • RE: Women who libel Israel

    "I've never blamed religious Jews for everything. That's just paranoia and your constant playing the victim showing. Goldstein? Yimach shemo ve'zichro ve'she'yisaref be'gehenom. Arafat? ditto. Yigal(...)" joemillis1959

  • RE: Women who libel Israel

    "Millis you blame religious Jews for everything that goes wrong. It was also nice of you to use the epithet Yemach Shemo (may his name be blotted out) when talking about a fellow Jew no matter(...)" Advis3r



Holocaust survivor has to prove he is Jewish

By Lanne, July 31, 2010

The United Synagogue should have found out if he was Jewish in a more sensitive way.


'Time for an alternative to Chief Rabbi'

By Lanne, March 13, 2010 says "The Chief Rabbinate is a cause of division and Lord Sacks should be the last to hold the office, says a new book published next week." Do you think the Chief rabbi is a cause of division?
"The book argues that the Chief Rabbi, "in the opinion of many - including some fervent supporters", has failed to fulfil the platform of inclusivism set out at the start of his office." The Chief rabbi can not be representative of the Religiously diverse Jewish community.


Jewish Chronicle article on longest ‘chained wife’ freed

By Lanne, February 15, 2010

The Jewish Chronicle article titled "Longest ‘chained wife’ freed after husband’s death" says

"The husband of the woman who was believed to be the world's longest-serving agunah – “chained wife” – has died.

Susan Zinkin and Israel Errol Elias divorced in the civil courts in 1962, but he refused to give her a get, or religious divorce.

Ms Zinkin was therefore unable to remarry under Orthodox auspices, or have more children without them being labelled mamser, or illegitimate.". Why don't the rabbis do more to help these women?


Women in Judaism

By Lanne, November 19, 2009 is the results of research that has been done.

"if men's halachic role underpines their relationship with synagogue life, it is not surprising that without such underpinning women in many communities feel disenfranchised. Enlightened attitudes towards female participation can greatly enhance how connected women feel to their Judaism, and more importantly, the extent to which they can in turn inspire and enable their children to connect with their Jewish heritage"