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Breaking the Silence

By ibrows, December 13, 2010

With the Breaking the Silence organisation set to publish a book in Hebrew on 21st December (with an English tranlsation to follow next year), all those who condemned the Israeli soldiers outspoken remarks and testimonies of atrocities in the occupied Palestinian territories, simply as they were made anonymously, will finally have to sit-up and take notice and recognise the truth of these soldiers testimonies.



continuation of illegal Israeli settlements in West Bank, and Obama's weaknesses lead to collapse of peace talks once again

By ibrows, October 6, 2010

Netanyahu has failed to extend the settlement freeze, revealing Israel is more interested in seizing more Palestinian land, than creating a viable peace deal. How can negotiations continue about a lasting peace deal, while simulateously Israel continues to illegally occupy more and more Palestinian land. The talks are effectively dead in the water, which is precisely what many on the Israeli side, including the settlers hoped to achieve all along.


hunger and malnourishment rates increasing in Gaza, states World Health Organisation

By ibrows, September 30, 2010

"Sometimes, for a day or two we don't even have bread, nor flour to make bread. There's a store nearby that, when we are truly desperate, lets us take a bag of bread or something simple, on credit. I owe them a lot of money for the food I've brought from them, but I still can't pay them," states Umm Khamis Khattab who lives in Gaza's Bureij refugee camp and has no source of income.


Jewish Boat to Gaza sets sail from Cyprus

By ibrows, September 27, 2010

A boat carrying aid for Gaza's population and organized by Jewish groups worldwide has set sail from Cyprus.

The boat, Irene, is sailing under a British flag and is carrying ten passengers and crew, including Jews from the US, the UK, Germany and Israel as well as an Israeli journalist.

The boat's cargo includes symbolic aid in the form of children's toys and musical instruments, textbooks, fishing nets for Gaza's fishing communities and prosthetic limbs for orthopaedic medical care in Gaza's hospitals.


Remembering Yad Vashem and Deir Yassin

By ibrows, September 23, 2010

Despite the fact that the Israeli historian Benny Morris confirms in his book: 1984 and after, that: ‘Jewish military operations indeed accounted for 70% of the Arab exodus’ (page 101) in 1948. The Israeli state refuses to acknowledge this. Likewise, Morris states in the Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem revisited, that the massacre at Deir Yassin, had the most lasting effect of any single event of the war in precipitating the Palestinian exodus' (page 237).


Double Nuclear standards once again by Israel

By ibrows, September 23, 2010

The US has claimed that the 'Arab states' pressing for a resolution to call on Israel to sign up to a Non-Proliferation treaty, are 'hampering the Middle East peace talks'. Totally amazing how the US can make such a statement and then go on about its fears of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, Israel continues to claim the position of 'nuclear ambiguity', neither confirming or denying the widely acknowledged fact that it has nuclear weapons.


Déjà vu as continued illegal Jewish settlements undermine the peace talks

By ibrows, September 3, 2010

It didn't take long... The US is pressurising Abbas to continue with the so-called 'peace talks' even though 80 illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank are just about to be expanded. The US and Israel, hand in hand, once again setting the agenda, and dictating terms they know are impossible for Abbas to accept. How can you believe Israel seriously wants peace, and to negotiate the creation of a viable two-state solution, whilst it continues simultaneously illegally expanding and seizing Palestinian land.


International pressure upon Israel is rising as peace talks approach

By ibrows, August 30, 2010

As i have noted on these pages previously, Israel has got itself into a difficult position, it will not accept a one-state solution, for fear that Palestinians high birth rates would undermine its desired notion of Israel as an exclusively 'Jewish' state. Furthermore, accepting a two-state solution would require Israel to withdraw from illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, again, Israel would find it difficult to give up this territory it has illegally seized and sought to annex into its borders.


Institute for Jewish Policy Research publishes survey on British-Jews attitudes towards Israeli state policies

By ibrows, August 6, 2010

I saw this in Haaretz and thought of all you open minded, independent and free thinking individuals on the JC blog, notably Jon and Jonathan. It appears that the blind following of Israeli policies as 'always automatically right' and labeling of any criticism of Israel as 'anti-semitic' and 'anti-Israel' may be confined to the Jewish Chronicle, at least amongst Jews within Britain.


Ethnic Cleansing: Erased Bedouin village of Walaja to be replaced by Jewish settlement of Givat Yael

By ibrows, July 31, 2010

Ari Hart's guest column in the Jerusalem post raises many important questions relating to Israel's raid on a Bedouin village this week. Israel razed around 40 homes belonging to the residents of this 'unrecognised village', despite the Bedouin living in the Negev prior to the creation of Israel. This act of destruction has left around 300 Bedouin homeless. The JNF will facilitate the transfer of this Bedouin land to Jewish settlers in an attempt to 'Judaise' the land.


Israel expels Bedouin from their homes to replace them with Jewish settlers, despite the residents winning court appeal

By ibrows, July 28, 2010

1,500 Israeli police evicted 300 residents who lived in 40 homes in the Al-Araqib village on Tuesday morning. These Bedouin were one of the 'unrecognised' Bedouin villages in southern Israel. The demolitions were cleared by the Israeli government to enable the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to construct a forest on this land, despite the residents winning a court appeal to overturn the original decision to seize their land and raze their homes.


Netanyahu: ''Israel must hit the Palestinians hard... the world will say nothing''

By ibrows, July 19, 2010

Netanyahu scores massive own goal, as footage is leaked of him admitting he ended the Oslo peace process.


Netanyahu affirms he 'destroyed the Oslo peace process'

By ibrows, July 19, 2010

Netanyahu affirms he 'destroyed the Oslo peace process' - the admission was filmed without his knowledge and appeared on Israel’s Channel 10. In the footage of Nethanyhu visiting the Ofra settlement he states he deceived the US into believing he was implimenting the Oslo peace process by making minor withdrawals in the West Bank, while simulateously expanding the Israeli occupation. This difference between Netanyahu's 'public' stance with the US when pressured, and his actual implimentation of these policies remains a major barrier in achieving a lasting peace deal.