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Glenda Ganot

Registered: 17 November 2009
Location: Hendon
A few easy to remember words about me? I speak as a woman with weight and depth, prefer "we" to "I" but not at the expense of downsizing myself. I am the Marketing Manager for ABT Amsalem Global Business Travel Management, a subsidiary of Amsalem Tours & Travel in Israel now celebrating 25years.




A decorative Christmas Image

By Glenda Ganot, December 21, 2009


A Unique sight

By Glenda Ganot, December 2, 2009

I had the privilage of viewing a rare geological sight over the weekend. In the centre of the Ramon Crater in the Negev is Ha-Minsara (the Carpenter shop or the Saw-Mill) a hill covered in blocks of shaped black & rusty looking sandstone , liked wooden planks in a Saw-Mill. Unlike other rocks in the crater the strangly shaped rocks are made of sand."This is the only place in the world you see prisms made of heated sand that turned into liquid. In cooling, the molten mass naturally formed rectangular and hexagonal prisms, losing no space in the middle."
A must for all.


The benefits for advance check-in

By Glenda Ganot, November 24, 2009

Advance check-in is a convenient service which allows you to check-in for your flight prior to your arrival at the airport and this service is usually available between 24-3 hours prior to departure.
With passport, ticket & reservation number on hand log into the airlines website and proceed.
Printing of the boarding card in advance is advisable.
Please notice: Special instructions apply concerning connecting flights for the same day.
The benefits to you:
1. Enables you to check-in anywhere anytime
2. Shortens the waiting time at the airport


Voca People

By Glenda Ganot, November 21, 2009

Amazing - Voca People


Water & Environment

By Glenda Ganot, November 18, 2009

Today I attended the 5th International WATEC water technologies & environment exhibition held in Tel Aviv
17-19Nov. Add water & environment events to your list of must do! Water scarcity is near and dear to all Israelies and it is no wonder that here to we are providing breakthrough solutions in technology.