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Our Man blogging in Jordan: James Watt

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 9, 2010

Well, if you were outraged by Francis Guy, take a look at this....

Do things start to get better from here?
Posted 28 March 2010 by James Watt | 15 comments


Our Man blogging in Cairo

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 9, 2010

Of course, Franic Guy (Beiruit) is currently in the foreign office blogging dog-house so I thought it might be interesting to read what Domiinic Asquith has been up to....

"Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out"
Posted 11 March 2010 by Dominic Asquith | 1 comments


The Brodsky Affair: Jew to be deported to Germany?

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 8, 2010

Jerusalem Post

BERLIN – A Warsaw regional court on Wednesday ordered the extradition of alleged Mossad agent Uri Brodsky to Germany, to face charges of illegally obtaining a German passport.

Brodsky will decide whether to appeal his extradition after the written ruling is issued by the court next week, defense attorney Anna Mika-Kopec said. But she said the ruling could be good for him because his potential sentence is less than he would face if he were tried and convicted of forgery and spying. Spying could carry up to an additional five years.


Why does Miriam Shaviv (JC foreign affairs editor) state that Geert Wilders is "a real bigot"?

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 6, 2010

"With Friends Like These"...
Across the Pond

By Miriam Shaviv
Published June 23, 2010, issue of July 02, 2010. (The Forward)

Israel needs friends in Europe, but there are some friends that it could do without.


Hezbollah+Hamas are Jihadists. Not terrorists!

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 5, 2010

West doesn't differentiate between jihad, terror: Larijani
Sunday, July 04, 2010,

Dubai: Opposing "foreign interference" in Islamic States, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has claimed that the West does not differentiate between 'jihad' and terrorists and considers groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and 'jihadist' forces in Afghanistan as terror movements.

He alleged that the Western countries lacked the true knowledge of the Afghan civilisation and view the "Afghan people as a prey”.


Good news to all men from Nazareth?

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 5, 2010

July 1, 2010 Special Dispatch No.3072 (MEMRI)

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon by Israeli Salafi Imam Sheikh Nazem Abu Salim, a.k.a. Abu Osama Al-Naseri, at the Shihab Al-Din Mosque in Nazareth.

The members of the alleged Nazareth jihadist terror cell, whose arrest was announced on June 28, 2010, have been tied to Abu Salim and the Shihab Al-Din Mosque.

The sermon was delivered on June 25, 2010, and posted on the Internet on June 29.

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, visit


More Hamas PR from The BBC

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 5, 2010

The BBC puts the onus on Netanyahu to secure Shalit's release.

So... how does The BBC get away this crap?

The BBC's article concludes: "In response to Mr Netanyahu's speech, Hamas said it had not received any new offer from Israel over Sgt Shalit."


The German Parliament attacks Israel

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 3, 2010

BERLIN – The German parliament was slated on Thursday evening to discuss and vote on resolutions slamming the Jewish state for its interception of a flotilla heading for Gaza in open violation of a naval blockade.


Would a burqa ban really be un-British?

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 3, 2010

A burqa ban would be un-British

By Ed West Religion : July 1st, 2010

Tory MP Phillip Hollobone has introduced a private member’s bill that will attempt to ban the burqa and the niqab in Britain.
His Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill will ban those two extreme forms of face covering, although, as he points out, not the hijab, khimar or chador. I’ll say one thing about multiculturalism – it’s certainly taught us a lot about women’s fashion.


Is there freedom of expression on The JC blogs?

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 3, 2010

I refer to the attached, and conclude that there is no longer freedom of expression, on The JC blog.

1 July, 2010 - 00:50
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How I survived 40 lashes

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 2, 2010

The attached is part of the reason why, the question whether to ban the burqua, is just a bit more complicated than Stephen Pollard "thinks"....


I never promised you a rose garden

By Blacklisted Dictator, July 1, 2010

Since when can Jews agree about anything?

Asked whether how he felt about being excluded from knowledge about the Zurich meeting, Lieberman responded, "no one promised me a rose garden. I am happy with what I am doing."



By Blacklisted Dictator, June 30, 2010

Why do gay activists keep silent about the persecution of homosexuals in Tehran, Gaza and beyond?