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Super agent's new deal

By Barry Toberman, September 8, 2016

Jon Smith - self-proclaimed "first of the football super-agents" - is much in demand as a talking head, pontificating for TV and radio on the state of the market. As he well knows, it is all good publicity for his new biography, The Deal, published a week after the August 31 transfer deadline day to avoid the media frenzy and thus maximise promotional opportunities.


Employment service is doing a better job

By Barry Toberman, September 2, 2016

An advice and support service which helps Jews to find jobs is reporting an improved employment picture.

From January to July, 160 clients of north London-based Resource found work, a rise of 58 on the same period in 2015.

There was a drop in the number of new clients registering - 234 compared to 264.


Taking Mitzvah Day to a broader demographic

By Barry Toberman, September 2, 2016

Leaders of Mitzvah Day are targeting unaffiliated Jews to widen involvement in the November weekend of good deeds.

A revamped website will help groups or individuals not involved in communal life to organise a Mitzvah Day project or join an existing one. It will also assist those in smaller communities looking to run an activity.


Revealed: the secret life of a 50-year-old care home

By Barry Toberman, September 2, 2016

Leon Smith is sitting on one of the benches at the back of the Clara Nehab House garden.

The verdant area is small by the standards of Nightingale House, where Mr Smith was chief executive for many years. But then the Golders Green home, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, operates on a very different scale.


Special report: Charities at breaking point

By Barry Toberman, August 25, 2016

Communal welfare charities are facing unprecedented problems at a time of record demand for their services, a JC investigation has found.


Big projects need younger donors

By Barry Toberman, August 25, 2016

Financial problems have not deterred charities from embarking on ambitious projects.


A musical revelation in Camden Town

By Barry Toberman, July 7, 2016

From Al Jolson to Mark Ronson, musical history is awash with Jewish performers, producers and impresarios.


Lights, camera, action - the sky is the limit

By Barry Toberman, June 10, 2016

There are two dozen of us standing on an otherwise deserted Norwegian beach in sub-zero temperatures staring up at the nocturnal sky. Not the standard finale to a short break. But then not every vacation programme holds out the tantalising prospect of a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The lights - or Aurora Borealis, to give them their formal title - are a capricious beast.


Brum role depends on recruitment policy

By Barry Toberman, June 1, 2016

There is not a space to be had in the car park of Birmingham's main Orthodox synagogue, Singers Hill. But the vehicles are not those of shul-goers. They belong to commercial parkers, taking advantage of the city centre location.


Meal with wine? Try the charity shop

By Barry Toberman, May 20, 2016

Changes in communal charity shops in recent years have included modernised outlets that look comfortably at home in the high street, retailing top brand names that attract the fashionistas.

Now mental health charity Jami has taken the concept a significant stage further by adding a café and meeting space to its Golders Green Road shop.

The plan is to open from breakfast until late evening a


Roux helps to cook up a heartwarming night

By Barry Toberman, May 20, 2016

Two television personalities featured prominently in educational charity Langdon's annual dinner at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.

One was double Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jnr, whose Channel 4 series Kitchen Impossible trained young people with learning disabilities to work in a commercial kitchen.


Hip hip purée - lookalike meals go to NHS patients

By Barry Toberman, May 12, 2016

Hospital food can appear unappetising at its best.


Tom Watson: 'I am ashamed of Labour antisemitism'

By Barry Toberman, May 8, 2016

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has said he is "ashamed of the recent cases of antisemitism in my party".

In a Yom HaShoah message to the Jewish Labour Movement, Mr Watson said he was working with the JLM and the Jewish community "to ensure that racists and antisemites have no place in British politics. Together with many colleagues, I am backing the JLM proposals for tougher rules.


Bournemouth: A calm exterior but fears over an ageing populace

By Barry Toberman, April 14, 2016

If subscribing to the adage that age is relative, Bournemouth is your poster community. Jewish leaders talk of 75 as "not old" and the local representative council chairman describes himself as "just a baby" at 51.