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    "As the number 1 advocate of Eastbourne, I love love this article. Stripping away the unfounded reputation Eastbourne has as G-d's waiting room, is probably the most graceful and undamaged Victorian s(...)" admin

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    " The Jewish Festival hasn't happened for a few years.   There is a Jewish Film Festival though.  The dates for 2009 are April 23-26. " JewishFilmWorld



How Israelis took on Bordeaux - and won

By Anthea Gerrie, July 8, 2016

What are the chances of finding not just one, but two Israeli chefs tempting diners in Bordeaux?   And both taking the town by storm, in spite of being modernising interlopers in a city associated with traditional French food?

Despite their Michelin-star training, these Israelis are not mimicking the natives.


Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa

By Anthea Gerrie, July 8, 2016

For those drawn to Georgia O'Keeffe country by the artist's major new blockbuster retrospective at Tate Modern, the spa resort of Ojo Caliente is a treat.

O'Keeffe often came up from her home in nearby Abiquiu, one of New Mexico's greatest attractions, to bathe in Ojo's natural hot springs.


Step into the past as app recreates the old East End at the click of a button

By Anthea Gerrie, July 7, 2016

It's Spitalfields, but not as we know it - at least, not as the millennials among us know it. Dodge the espresso stands and the fashionistas and you may get a glimpse of the ghosts haunting the old neighbourhood.


Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

By Anthea Gerrie, June 23, 2016

It's no great surprise when a five-star hotel lays on live piano music at dinner. But when the grand piano is in the breakfast room and the serenade accompanies one of the finest wake-up spreads in Italy, you know you're somewhere special.


Down New Mexico way

By Anthea Gerrie, June 17, 2016

The Silicon Valley capital, San Jose, is now the closest gateway to the beauty spots, vineyards and cultural treasures of central California. But San Jose is also a great jumping-off point for the national parks of the west and south-west in a year when New Mexico, just two super-scenic states away, is attracting art aficioadoes to the landscape made famous by artist Georgia O’Keeffe.


Hotel Santa Caterina

By Anthea Gerrie, June 17, 2016

There could be three reasons why Amalfi's Santa Caterina attracts so many repeat visitors on a coast positively awash with five-star hotels.


Doing the hokey poke

By Anthea Gerrie, May 27, 2016

In Hawaii you can find it in every surf shack and grocery store, while in New York and Los Angeles it's become a cult among Instagramming foodies. Now a nice Jewish boy has elevated the raw fish dish which is an everyday snack in Honolulu to a gourmet appetiser for Mayfair's well-heeled diners.


Where to find the jewels in India's crown

By Anthea Gerrie, February 18, 2016

It's India, but not as we know it. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is so green, cosmopolitan and manageable, it seems quite removed from the chaos of other major cities in the sub-continent.

This is less to do with the city being the high-tech capital of India than its geography.


Hotel of the week: Fairmont Montreux Palace, Switzerland

By Anthea Gerrie, January 29, 2016

Freddie Mercury lived there while looking for a home in Switzer-land, Vladimir Nabokov used the proceeds of Lolita to fund a suite there for the rest of his life and Deep Purple recorded Smoke on the Water in its lake-side pavilion.

There may not be a more celebrity-studded hotel in Switzerland than the Montreux Palace, arguably the country's most glamorous hostelry.


Mexico City: A city to sing about

By Anthea Gerrie, December 3, 2015

Images of Frida Kahlo, that nice Jewish girl in traditional Mexican dress who has become the most merchandised art icon in the world, tell you a lot about her native land. That Mexico, where the Catholic conquistadores and indigenous tribes who preceded them were immigrants themselves, is an inherently tolerant country whose Jews feel a deep sense of identity with their adopted country.


Mexi-kosher: a very unlikely shidduch

By Anthea Gerrie, October 29, 2015

Gefilte fish smothered with chillies, gribenes with guacamole - it would be hard to think of two more diametrically opposed culinary traditions than those of Eastern Europe and Mexico.

One is heavy, bland fare created for cold-weather comfort, the other - hot weather peasant food infused with the heat of chilli peppers, zesty lime juice and the pungency of cumin and coriander.


Frank Auerbach: Paintings thick with emotions

By Anthea Gerrie, October 16, 2015

An obsessive whose ceaseless overworking has made paint merchants rich, or Britain's greatest living artist? Frank Auerbach's star has risen sharply since seven decades of his work opened to acclaim at the Tate last week.


Sir Norman Rosenthal: Don’t call me a collector

By Anthea Gerrie, October 8, 2015

Like a rock star, Norman Rosenthal sweeps into his favourite Soho café (which does not open until half an hour after he commands me to be there, leaving me standing on a chilly street), one and a quarter hours late for our interview. And, like a rock groupie, I wait patiently, unwilling to relinquish my grasp on this big beast that I've been stalking for three months.


Why it's time to save the (Medjool) date

By Anthea Gerrie, September 24, 2015

Sales of dates are soaring, and the increased appetite for them is great news for Israel. Although the country is only the world's 18th largest date producer it commands some 60 per cent of the export market for Medjool dates - the most prized and succulent variety.


'Mexico embraced us and we're thankful'

By Anthea Gerrie, September 14, 2015

Only a few days till Rosh Hashanah, and the Jews of Mexico City are making honey cake, chocolate challah and rather more ethnic dishes such as gefilte fish à la Veracruzana (with onions, tomatoes and chillies) before the 10-day holiday kicks in.