Barry Toberman

A musical revelation in Camden Town

By Barry Toberman, July 7, 2016

From Al Jolson to Mark Ronson, musical history is awash with Jewish performers, producers and impresarios.


Lights, camera, action - the sky is the limit

By Barry Toberman, June 10, 2016

There are two dozen of us standing on an otherwise deserted Norwegian beach in sub-zero temperatures staring up at the nocturnal sky. Not the standard finale to a short break. But then not every vacation programme holds out the tantalising prospect of a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The lights - or Aurora Borealis, to give them their formal title - are a capricious beast.


Brum role depends on recruitment policy

By Barry Toberman, June 1, 2016

There is not a space to be had in the car park of Birmingham's main Orthodox synagogue, Singers Hill. But the vehicles are not those of shul-goers. They belong to commercial parkers, taking advantage of the city centre location.


Meal with wine? Try the charity shop

By Barry Toberman, May 20, 2016

Changes in communal charity shops in recent years have included modernised outlets that look comfortably at home in the high street, retailing top brand names that attract the fashionistas.

Now mental health charity Jami has taken the concept a significant stage further by adding a café and meeting space to its Golders Green Road shop.

The plan is to open from breakfast until late evening a


Roux helps to cook up a heartwarming night

By Barry Toberman, May 20, 2016

Two television personalities featured prominently in educational charity Langdon's annual dinner at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday.

One was double Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jnr, whose Channel 4 series Kitchen Impossible trained young people with learning disabilities to work in a commercial kitchen.


Hip hip purée - lookalike meals go to NHS patients

By Barry Toberman, May 12, 2016

Hospital food can appear unappetising at its best.


Tom Watson: 'I am ashamed of Labour antisemitism'

By Barry Toberman, May 8, 2016

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has said he is "ashamed of the recent cases of antisemitism in my party".

In a Yom HaShoah message to the Jewish Labour Movement, Mr Watson said he was working with the JLM and the Jewish community "to ensure that racists and antisemites have no place in British politics. Together with many colleagues, I am backing the JLM proposals for tougher rules.


Bournemouth: A calm exterior but fears over an ageing populace

By Barry Toberman, April 14, 2016

If subscribing to the adage that age is relative, Bournemouth is your poster community. Jewish leaders talk of 75 as "not old" and the local representative council chairman describes himself as "just a baby" at 51.


Bournemouth Hilton

By Barry Toberman, March 3, 2016

TV chef Matt Tebbutt is holding court in his restaurant, explaining how interest from the local Jewish community has inspired him to consult Florence Greenberg's legendary Jewish Cookbook for inspiration on kosher-style dishes for his menu.


Care campus celebrates £17m facelift

By Barry Toberman, March 3, 2016

Social Care Minister Alistair Burt has praised Jewish Care's latest major project, describing it as a model in its field.

Before addressing the formal opening of the Betty and Asher Loftus Centre in Friern Barnet, Mr Burt was shown around the campus by charity chiefs.


Improving life for Nightingale residents is kids' stuff

By Barry Toberman, March 3, 2016

Sipping coffee at a Nightingale House café window table overlooking the south London home's vast and verdant outdoor space, Nightingale Hammerson chief executive Helen Simmons points to a building in the garden area.


Pinchas Zukerman to perform at Kensington Palace for Israel Philharmonic’s 80th

By Barry Toberman, February 16, 2016

World renowned violinist Pinchas Zukerman will give a concert at Kensington Palace on Sunday week at a celebratory dinner for the 80th anniversary of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.


Norwood care home is rated among the UK's top one per cent

By Barry Toberman, January 22, 2016

A Norwood care home in Stanmore has been rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, putting it among the top one per cent of services inspected by the CQC.

30 Old Church Lane - home to eight people with learning disabilities - received an unannounced inspection in November.


Leaders look for sea changes to arrest the slide in population in Brighton

By Barry Toberman, January 15, 2016

Brighton and Hove has a lot going for it. A coastal environment within a reasonable commute of central London; some elegant properties, decent restaurants and centrally located nightlife.


Radisson Blu

By Barry Toberman, December 10, 2015

The Radisson certainly cannot be faulted for location as, for those arriving by train, it is across the road from Glasgow's main station. And leisure visitors are within easy walking reach of major shopping areas and many cultural attractions.


WJR pledges to improve lives of those in 'chronic poverty'

By Barry Toberman, December 3, 2015

World Jewish Relief's work down the generations was reviewed at its annual dinner at London's Guildhall which raised more than £1 million.

And, after the 500-plus diners had heard from Polish-born Harry Olmer, one of "The Boys" rescued by WJR and helped to settle in Britain after the war, chief executive Paul Anticoni stressed that the largest number of survivors and older Jewish community mem


Las Vegas: Worth a gamble

By Barry Toberman, November 26, 2015

Off to Vegas and not a big gambler? The city has a great deal more to offer than the ubiquitous slot machines and gaming tables.

So here are five ways to have fun spending your dollars for a guaranteed return - or even keeping your cash in your pocket.

Enjoy the view

Superficial though the Las Vegas Strip may be, the panorama is spectacular, particularly at night.


It's a perfect 10 as 25,000 join in UK good deeds

By Barry Toberman, November 26, 2015

Mitzvah Day founder and chair Laura Marks concedes that her yearly summation is always "it's the best yet". But with an estimated 40,000 people around the globe participating in the tenth edition - 25,000 in the UK - Ms Marks argues that "it is not only the numbers but the quality of projects" that demonstrate the progression of the day of good deeds.


A weekend in Budapest: Simply the 'Pest

By Barry Toberman, November 19, 2015

There is something both comfortably familiar and appealingly exotic about Budapest. Wander the parliamentary area, whose buildings were inspired by Westminster, the high-end shopping malls that showcase global brands and some of the many museums, and you will feel totally at home.