Alex Brummer

How one settler upset American academia

By Alex Brummer, April 17, 2008

The New Yorker examines a battle over the tenure of an American-Palestinian professor


Why The Economist writes down Israel

By Alex Brummer, April 10, 2008

The weekly magazine runs a pessimistic report on the Jewish state to mark its 60th anniversary

The media likes anniversaries. They are fixed points in a fast moving news agenda which allow stocktaking. As we move towards May and Israel’s 60th birthday, Israel is certain to come into focus. The Economist was fast off the mark in last week’s issue with a densely written 16-page report, The next generation, which examines dilemmas facing the Jewish state.


Wow. A non-sensational story on Charedim

By Alex Brummer, April 3, 2008

The Independent offers a meaty feature on the Shas party

Mostly when the strictly Orthodox community makes it into the mainstream British press, it is for the exotic value. In the past, there has been an unhealthy interest in the small Neturei Karta sect because of its habit of inserting itself into appalling causes like Iranian Holocaust-denial and pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Trafalgar Square on Shabbat.


Despite its free press, Israel bans Al-Jazeera

By Alex Brummer, March 20, 2008

Israel prides itself on its independent and open media in a region not known for its freedom of expression. So it was somewhat against the grain when Deputy Foreign Minister Majalli Whbee announced that Jerusalem would be clamping down on the activities of the Qatari-based network Al-Jazeera within Israel.