Jewish American Princess

Western style democracy?

By Jewish American..., August 30, 2011

Tear gas and stun grenades in the hands of Avraham Reiss? Are you kidding me?


A house divided.....

By Jewish American..., July 14, 2011

Not every criticism of nor opposition to Israel, be it policy, legislation, or act is anti-Semitic. Hiding behind that guise impedes the introspection the State of Israel needs, to develop into the western style democracy it so wants to become.


Please tell me this isn't real.

By Jewish American..., July 5, 2011

Please tell me this isn't real. Does Israel know it's the 21st century or does it still think it's the Dark Ages?


Has anyone seen my Ambassador?

By Jewish American..., July 3, 2011

It'll be a cold day in hell before Greece gets any of my tourist dollars. Excuse me while I go look for Ambassador Smith. He seems to be missing.


The moderation of the blog site.

By Jewish American..., March 1, 2011

I see that some changes have been made and applaud the Moderators for the actions taken. I think these changes will solve the problems the site has been experiencing, and I do not think pre-moderation is necessary and a good idea. This invariably leads to stunted and impeded debate.


Night of The Long Knives and true colors

By Jewish American..., January 27, 2011

The JC has an extremely strange administration policy. The most foul mouthed, disgusting, intemperate bullies have complete license spew their bile. But now seemingly,all semblance of debate is,coincidently with the arrival of a new Chairman of The Board, who, I have learned, specializes in suppressing discussion of Israel,is to be eliminated.

In particular anyone who expresses any views not to the liking of a few dominant idiots is terminated.

I am absolutely appalled at the impression of Jews this blog site gives to the world.