Leon A Smith

Nightingale Hammerson in the Garden

By Leon A Smith, July 8, 2013
Sunday 18 August
2:00pm - 5:00pm


Nightingale Hammerson Garden Party

By Leon A Smith, July 8, 2013
Sunday 14 July
1:00pm - 3:30pm


Lay leaders and trustees

By Leon A Smith, July 5, 2013

As a professional working in the Jewish community for many years, I have seen during that time the status of the communal worker significantly elevated from its one time lowly position.


Recycled NHS money

By Leon A Smith, June 28, 2013

This week’s spending review contained few surprises. As far as the care of older people is concerned the Chancellor has detailed his plans to theoretically redistribute/recycle £2bn from the National Health Service to a new £3.8bn joint budget which the Health Service will share with the local councils that organise care homes and home help.


A balance in the media

By Leon A Smith, June 21, 2013

Another week, another care home shock horror expose. This week Panorama featured a care home offering sub-optimal care which was partly exposed as a result of secret filming. This depressing programme was not about physical abuse but it was care that was callous, insensitive and frankly uncaring.


A rating system

By Leon A Smith, June 14, 2013

This week has seen debate/government proposals regarding the scoring of hospital departments and consultants in order that one can make an informed decision when “shopping” for a consultant and/or a hernia operation!


The best possible quality care

By Leon A Smith, June 7, 2013

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Coronation which took place on


Funday Sunday

By Leon A Smith, June 2, 2013
Sunday 23 June
12:00pm - 5:00pm


The vulnerable in our society

By Leon A Smith, May 24, 2013

There was a lot of reaction recently to the Queen’s Speech – rather more about what was left out the Queen’s Speech than was in it.


Cultural identity

By Leon A Smith, May 17, 2013

The Jewish Chronicle recently ran an interesting feature in which they asked numerous people, some of them well known, some of them not, to define their Jewish identity. The range of answers was diverse. Everybody identifies Judaism in their own way and at their own level.


Who is Bert Tann?

By Leon A Smith, May 10, 2013

Bert Tann – who you may ask is Bert Tann? To me it’s a name evocative of the 1960s. Bert Tann of course died in 1972. He was the Bristol Rovers manager for 18 years from 1950 to 1968 At one point he was the longest serving manager post-war. His accomplishments as Bristol Rovers manager were in relative terms considerable. Bristol Rovers finished 6th in Division 2 in 1956 and 1959.



By Leon A Smith, May 3, 2013

There was an interesting article in the media this week about so called “tagging” of people living with dementia by a local police force. This announcement created a storm and was a hot topic for a couple of hours on various media talk shows.


The Rich List

By Leon A Smith, April 26, 2013

It would not have been possible for anybody to have ignored the fact that The Sunday Times published last week their so-called “Rich List”. It has been trailed for months and is still being heavily publicised every day by The Times. I always get excited reading this magazine – then get bored with it very quickly. In fact, more than bored.


Quality care

By Leon A Smith, April 5, 2013

One of the sad and hard aspects of working in a care home environment is that people die. Because people are coming into care at the end of their lives, they are staying with us for a shorter period of time than was the case a generation ago. Death is not a way of life but certainly in the care home environment it is an inevitability.


Not enough is known about dementia

By Leon A Smith, March 22, 2013

This week saw the news of an 83-year old gentleman who still has mental capacity, taking a decision to go to Switzerland for an assisted suicide. This gentleman presumably felt that he could not face the future that lay in store for him having been diagnosed with dementia. He was also unprepared to allow his family to suffer the rigours and distress of supporting him in his last years.


Our society

By Leon A Smith, March 15, 2013

Since the Queen’s recent imposition due to illness, the subject of gastroenteritis has obviously been in the forefront of the minds of us all. After a brief recovery, there would appear to have been some kind of relapse and there is now speculation as to whether the Queen will be able to continue at her significant age to perform her public duties on a full time basis.


Older People

By Leon A Smith, March 8, 2013

Nightingale Hammerson, one of the community’s leading charities, is entering into one of its most exciting periods. The 1st anniversary of the merger of Nightingale House and Hammerson House will be celebrated in April. One year in to the merger there are extensive development works either in hand or being planned.


Market research

By Leon A Smith, March 1, 2013

It’s now a couple of months since the white smoke above the United Synagogue offices in Finchley has begun to evaporate and fade and we now look forward with great optimism to Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis taking up the role of Chief Rabbi later this year. Lord Sacks will be a hard act to follow as indeed was Lord Jakobovits before him ….etc…etc.


Census data

By Leon A Smith, February 21, 2013

As further analysis of the 2011 Census data starts to trickle through, it’s fascinating to watch. Based on the information which we have, we see the gradual movement of the epicentre of our community – whilst on the one hand the Haredi community continues to grow rapidly primarily in North East London and in Manchester, at the same time there is another phenomena at play.