Alan Montague

Art House: It's show time for artists

By Alan Montague, August 23, 2012

Art House, organised and hosted by the London Jewish Cultural Centre in partnership with the JC, invites amateur and professional artists to submit works for exhibition.
Entries must be submitted to the LJCC at Ivy House on August 30, August 31, September 2 or September 3. Artists must be 16 or older. The entry fee is £10 to submit one work or £25 for a maximum submission of three.


The doctor's just jumped out of his helicoptor. He'll see you now

By Alan Montague, August 2, 2012

Every weekend, a bunch of people get together in their free-time to fly in helicopters around the country. Tony Bleetman is one of them and he loves it. “You couldn’t pay to have that much fun,” he says.


Jubilee recipe: raspberry, blueberry and vanilla macaroons

By Alan Montague, May 31, 2012

Makes 36 small macaroons

For the macaroons:

150g ground almonds

180g icing sugar

150g egg whites (approx 4 large egg whites)

60g caster sugar

3 tsp vanilla extract or one large vanilla pod
Red and blue food colouring paste (make sure you do not use liquid colouring)

For the ganache:

250ml double cream

50g unsalted butter

3 vanilla pods


Sweet fennel tarte tatin

By Joanna Weinberg, May 30, 2012

This is an unusual take on a classic — the fennel turns soft and sweet and deliciously caramelised during cooking.

Serves 4

2 fennel bulbs

3 eating apples

100g butter

120g caster sugar

1 tsp fennel seeds

Flour, for dusting

250g ready-made, ready-rolled all-butter puff pastry, thawed if frozen

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 tsp granulated sugar


Alice Herz-Sommer: the pianist who's a true survivor

By Amos Witztum, May 22, 2012

Alice Herz-Sommer is 108 years old. She is a true survivor of the 20th century.


Review: Hope: A Tragedy

By Alan Montague, February 10, 2012

Shalom Auslander
Picador, £16.99

Shalom Auslander's surname means "foreigner" in German, or "outsider". And that is certainly what he seems - a Jewish outsider alienated even from other Jews.


Review: The New Jew in Film

By Alan Montague, January 13, 2012

By Nathan Abrams
I. B. Tauris, £14.99

Nathan Abrams must have got through an awful lot of popcorn.


Hero's 'enough already' peak

By Alan Montague, December 10, 2010

The recent news that the National Trust is planning to fence off part of Kinder Scout brought Benny Rothman to mind.

You may have heard of Kinder Scout - it is the highest point of the Peak District, and a popular destination for tourists. But Benny Rothman? Some heroes are unsung. This one appears to have dropped out of the charts completely.


Wincing with the Amstells

By Alan Montague, August 4, 2010

Simon Amstell is best known for bursting celebrity egos as the host of the BBC pop quiz, Never Mind the Buzzcocks. After three years of laying into the likes of Cheryl Cole and the Sugababes, he declared himself bored, quit the show and disappeared from our TV screens.

Now he is back, making his debut as an actor in an autobiographical sitcom he has co-written with Buzzcocks collaborator Dan Swimer.


Car-free resort is the peak of perfection

By Alan Montague, February 25, 2010

The Swiss mountain village of Wengen - home of the famous Lauberhorn downhill race - hit the headlines at the end of last year in the worst possible way.

A 23-year-old British man, Myles Robinson, disappeared in the early hours of the morning after a night out in a local bar. His body was found a few days later at the bottom of steep, icy slope, but no one has come up with a convincing explanation as to how it got there.


Review: Wishful Drinking

By Alan Montague, December 23, 2008

By Carrie Fisher
Simon & Schuster, £12.99

It was George Lucas who ruined Carrie Fisher’s life. At least, that’s what she says. He did it 31 years ago, when Fisher was only 19, by casting her in a film he was directing. The film was Star Wars and the part was Princess Leia.