Stark raving meshugge?

By Yvetta, May 2, 2010

Professor Shlomo Sand's "The Invention of the Jewish People" is reportedly one of the quartet of books shortlisted for the Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize. Isn't the inclusion of this highly contentious polemical work that has obvious highly deleterious ramifications for Jews and Israel at a time when we are being assailed by more antisemitism than we have seen since the Second World War a mischievously meshugge one?


Anti-Israel letters to the press: to respond or not to respond ...

By Yvetta, March 18, 2010

That is the question. For example, a certain sleepy little town in these British Isles has just rejected the chance to host a travelling exhibition on Anne Frank; town councillors decided that the exhibition is not "relevant" to the town. Last week's local rag carried a letter from a local "second generation Holocaust survivor" castigating the decision. In this week's issue there are several other letters deploring the council's stance.


Going, going, gone? The Golan Heights

By Yvetta, February 11, 2010

Last evening, after watching "American Idol" (OK, so I'm hooked), I discovered a BBC Four programme on "Syrian Schools". I was fascinated by the girls' school featured, which has many girls in hijabs and rather less without, all in a fetching pink and grey uniform. The Headmistress, a zaftig lady, all charm and heavy make-up but with a steely toughness beneath her sleeveless garb, was fascinating in her ability to keep both male and female (all but one of the latter were in traditional dress) teachers in line, as well as the girls.


Out-marriage Rampant:Time to Reach Out?

By Yvetta, January 20, 2010

A recent book by well-known Israeli demographer Prof. Sergio DellaPergola of the Hebrew University shows that the percentage of Jews marrying non-Jews has been steadily soaring since the 1930s, when no country's Jewry had an out-marriage rate of 35% or more.
Today, a significant proportion of world Jewry has an out-marriage rate of between 35 and 45%; the Jewries of the UK, France and Latin America are examples.
The figure is lower in Australia - around 25% - while in Israel it is about 5%.


Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

By Yvetta, December 12, 2009