Jenni Frazer

A chicken soup and chopped liver tribute to Wesker

By Jenni Frazer, October 13, 2016

The extraordinary career of playwright Sir Arnold Wesker, who died in April this year, was celebrated in poetry, song, art, and, above all, extracts from his works, in a starry gathering at his beloved Royal Court Theatre on Sunday.


Peres the President: From kibbutznik to dandy

By Jenni Frazer, September 29, 2016

There's a picture on my living-room windowsill of me shaking hands with Shimon Peres. I have tried and failed to figure out what office of state Peres was occupying at the time, because no matter what the political temperature in Israel, Peres always seems to have been there, the great survivor.


Difficult legacy of the Battle of Cable Street

By Jenni Frazer, September 29, 2016

"My father didn't really say a lot, but he did tell me about Cable Street. He and my grandfather were there. My father, Israel, and his father, Wolf. My father spoke about being pushed into a shop doorway by a mounted policeman; and he told me about the marbles thrown on the ground, so that the police horses should lose their footing."


Defence chief: terrorists mostly hiding from us

By Jenni Frazer, September 29, 2016

The chairman of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, Avi Dichter, has said that progress made by the Israeli security services meant that terrorists now spend 95 per cent of their time hiding and only five per cent on operations.


'Second Generation' leader tells of need to keep Shoah memory

By Jenni Frazer, September 15, 2016

One of the most prominent leaders of the children of Holocaust survivors has attacked people who attempt to "pervert the memory of the Holocaust".

Menachem Rosensaft described as "obscene" those who "wish to twist and distort" the Shoah for political purposes.

Mr Rosensaft, a lawyer, who was the guest of the Holocaust Educational Trust at its fund-raising dinner on Wednesday, was born in the


Lieberman urges political reform in Israel

By Jenni Frazer, September 15, 2016

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for major reform of the country's political system, calling it "very complicated and very inefficient".


World's leading Shoah scholar talks to the JC

By Jenni Frazer, September 8, 2016

When, in 1946, the British colonial government officials in mandate Palestine were looking for a bright young Jewish scholar to take up a place at Cardiff University, they could scarcely have foreseen their choice would become a world-famous academic.


Weddings are her business...

By Jenni Frazer, September 1, 2016

Jen Glantz's story, if it weren't already for the film 27 Dresses, could be a Hollywood movie. Here's what's known as the elevator pitch in Entertainment Central: nice single New Yorker has a circle of friends, friends keep getting married, and not only does our heroine keep going to wedding after wedding, but she needs a new crowd of like-minded singles to hang out with.


Wandering into printed posterity

By Jenni Frazer, August 11, 2016

We've all been there, when we think about our grandparents: too often, we have left it too late to ask the right questions, and a generation's secrets and stories disappear.

But, in the past few years, some families have taken matters beyond the pedestrian question-and-answer and, instead, publish entire books about their history.


Janner family welcomes resignation of child sex abuse inquiry chair

By Jenni Frazer, August 5, 2016

The son of the late Lord Janner has welcomed the resignation of Dame Lowell Goddard as chair of the government’s independent inquiry into child sex abuse.

Daniel Janner said he had been ready to call for the judge to stand down after she refused his request to adjourn the part of the inquiry relating to Lord Janner.


Janner case is 'antisemites paradise'

By Jenni Frazer, August 4, 2016

The son of the late Lord Janner has suggested that anti-Jewish hatred has been fanned by the claims of historical sexual abuse made against his father.

Daniel Janner said: "I don't say that the accusers have been driven by antisemitism, but the issue has been used and stirred up by viral antisemitism. This case has been an antisemites' paradise."


Jump in applications to mixed-faith Jewish and Arab school

By Jenni Frazer, July 28, 2016

The executive director of a unique network of bilingual Israeli schools, the Hand in Hand Association, has said that there had been "a tremendous increase" in applications from both the Jewish and Arab communities, despite - or perhaps because of - the often tense political situation.


French Jews in Britain 'not considering leaving' after referendum result shock

By Jenni Frazer, June 30, 2016

Haim Korsia, France's Chief Rabbi, acknowledged this week that it was "always a possibility" that some of the estimated 35,000 French Jews living in Britain would return in the wake of the Brexit vote.


Comic Relief donation makes Rwandans smile

By Jenni Frazer, September 4, 2014

World Jewish Relief has been given a substantial donation by Comic Relief.

WJR received £365,994 in support of its pilot programme in Rwanda, called the Livelihood Development Programme. The project is aimed at improving the lives of nearly 9,000 Rwandans over the next three years.


Letter From Tel Aviv: Embracing a very French revolution

By Jenni Frazer, August 29, 2014

"What IS she wearing?" Two Israeli girls, mouths open, heads craned, are sitting by the side of a deluxe swimming pool in Tel Aviv. The woman in question knows perfectly well that she is the subject of discussion. She smiles sleekly and preens herself. Her bikini is top-notch, her kaftan throw even notchier, and she sports the highest of heels.


TV review: The Honourable Woman

By Jenni Frazer, August 28, 2014

The irony of watching a high quality drama about the Israel-Palestine conflict while the real life conflict flared into agonising images on every news broadcast cannot have been lost on many viewers.


From Kenton to eye of the storm

By Jenni Frazer, August 22, 2014

Slightly to his surprise, one suspects, British-born Peter Lerner has become the face of Israel in this latest conflict, an improbable blue-eyed blond who is the antithesis of the usual sabra stereotype.


The price of joining polite society

By Jenni Frazer, August 21, 2014

I have had enough. I am sick of being told by people who haven’t the faintest idea of my beliefs and circumstances what I ought to think or feel. And that especially goes for the people who’ve never been closer to Israel than a packet of dates in Waitrose.

I am sick of being told by the bien-pensants in Britain’s society what antisemitism is, could be, or is not.


Interview: Claire Hajaj

By Jenni Frazer, July 31, 2014

It is a fair bet that Claire Hajaj could have done without the violent political and military situation that has accompanied the publication of her first novel, Ishmael's Oranges.


'Prickly' Gordimer, anti-apartheid star

By Jenni Frazer, July 17, 2014

Finding Nadine Gordimer's Johannesburg home in 1998 was not as easy as she had firmly insisted on the telephone.

The new ANC-dominated government, in a burst of enthusiasm to rid itself of all Afrikaaner references, had announced a renaming of streets, so that the central Jan Smuts Boulevard, off which Gordimer lived, no longer appeared on maps under that name.