Jonathan Hoffman

UK MPs debate Antisemitism yesterday

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 21, 2011

There are many interesting contributions.

But the fact is that many of the recommendations of the All Party Committee have not been actioned. None of the MPs noted this.


Sedition at Ben Gurion University: Parents start to vote with their feet

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 18, 2011

We, too, will make use of our right to freedom of speech. We will send this letter to the Minister of Education and to the Chairman of the Knesset's Education Committee, we will send this letter out in mass circulation and we will declare that we will not send our children to an academic institute that silences Zionist mouths, incites against the IDF, drips poison and preaches destruction.


Board of Deputies votes down Executive motion on Israel

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 16, 2011

As trailed in the JC (page 28: 'Deputies' Bloody Sunday?') the Board of Deputies of British Jews had its Israel debate today. The motion under discussion was from the Executive:


"Jewish" Book Week too is "Taking the Mick" .......

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 9, 2011

I have written on this blog about the folly of organisations within the Jewish community offering a platform to the enemies of Israel. In the UK, Liberal Judaism has done it (to Halper of ICAHD) and also Limmud (to "Breaking The Silence" and to John Ging of UNRWA).


Melanie Phillips Tells It Like It Is ........... superbly

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 9, 2011

Melanie Phillips was interviewed recently on Israeli TV. She talks about the 'pathology' of the discourse about Israel in the UK - meaning the imperviousness of much of the media and many of the opinion formers to facts and truth about Israel. And about the absence in the media of truth about the Middle East - which she blames partly on the government of Israel.

Click on the small red icon of a video camera to the left of the photo of Melanie. The intro is in Ivrit, the interview in English. Highly recomemnded.


Blame the Jews.............

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 9, 2011

On Rod Liddle's page, there is a lovely photo in the Sunday Times today of two vultures wearing yarmulkas, one is saying to the other "I think our cover's blown"

The text reads:

Israel's new espionage wing


Tear Gas: the Truth and the Lies

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 6, 2011

In a recent post JFJFP and IJV signatory Aaron Dover claimed "Amnesty International has reported 40 deaths from CS tear gas inhalation alone from December 1987 to June 1988."

Here is the truth about the Amnesty claim:


Ben Gurion University: Economical with the Truth

By Jonathan Hoffman, January 1, 2011

From Steven Plaut (SP)

Here is the weekend column (December 31, 2010) in Maariv by Kalman Liebskind, one of the best publicist journalists in Israel. The column is so important that my translation of it follows here. Liebskind has revealed that Ben Gurion University is intentionally lying and providing disinformation to its supporters and prospective donors from all around the world and in different languages.

A Lesson in Politics
By Kalman Liebskind


Alleged Islamist terrorists targeted Rabbis and Synagogues in London

By Jonathan Hoffman, December 28, 2010

Nine terror suspects plotted a Christmas bomb blitz in London, a court has heard.
Potential targets included two rabbis and and Mayor Boris Johnson, it was claimed.
Some of the men are of Bangladeshi origin. After the arrests on December 20, searches at one of the addresses uncovered a handwritten note containing the contact details of six individuals. It had the full addresses of two rabbis and their synagogues.


The UK Jihadis and the Left: Mapping Delegitimisation of Israel

By Jonathan Hoffman, December 26, 2010

An authoritative new study from Ehud Rosen, published by JIPA.

As Melanie Phillips says, "yet another report that should be placed on the desk of every MP"


Julian Assange's Warped Mind

By Jonathan Hoffman, December 21, 2010

Julian Assange is a traitor who has put thousands of people in danger by publishing confidential information about sites of strategic importance. He has made many people - diplomats and others - reluctant to communicate, other than on a secure telephonic link. If found guilty of these and other crimes of which he is accused, he should be punished with the full force of the law.

Now - outrageously - Assange has compared himself to "the Jewish people in the 1950s and before".


One Isi Leibler is worth 100 Mick Davises

By Jonathan Hoffman, December 2, 2010

Mr Leibler's censure is unlikely to cut much ice with Mr Davis, who also chairs the executive of the Jewish Leadership Council. At last month's meeting, he referred dismissively to Mr Leibler as "that mad Australian who seems to be against everybody".


Whose Nose is Longer, Richard Falk's or Michael Mansfield's?

By Jonathan Hoffman, December 1, 2010

Pinoccio's nose grew longer every time he told a lie.

Tonight at the University of London Richard Falk and Michael Mansfield QC seemed to be vying to grow the longest nose (Mansfield is a leftist legal advocate who presided over the Kangaroo Court on Israel (aka Russell Tribunal) last week; Falk is an American law academic, a UN honcho on the Palestinians and an as-a-Jew. He is barred from Israel, for the antisemitic comparison of Israel to the Nazis).

From Falk we had (speaking about the security fence): "The wall has no security role"


Why has Melanie Phillips' column not been posted on the JC Website?

By Jonathan Hoffman, November 27, 2010

Her column this week was entitled "Canada PM Shames UJIA Boss"

"The non-Jewish Canadia Prime Minister gets it. What a tragedy that the Chairman of the UJIA and so many other dispora Jews do not"

Cockup or Kessler Foundation Conspiracy?

Read more on this subject by Melanie here:


58 Lambast Davis: Letter in JC

By Jonathan Hoffman, November 25, 2010

The following letter is in tomorrow's JC, signed by 58 people (nb some of the signatures were received after the deadline for submission of letters). It has been edited for length. In particular the final paragraph ("And if Israel's policies .... never elected in the first place") has been cut.