Jonathan Hoffman

Are we partly to blame for Islamic terrorism?

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 10, 2010

That was the title of a debate in which I took part on BBC TV this morning ("Sunday Morning Live")

It starts @ 42.26; I am on @ 49.52; see Terry Christian @ 54.30 say "I don't remember the last time a Zionist threw acid in a girl's face for not wearing a veil"

Watch how the Imam (Ajmal Masroor) twists my words but is immediately brought to task by Terry Christian and Dame Ann Leslie .... but then he accuses them of interrupting and manages to retain the floor ...


Bathurst-Norman Censured for Political Bias in EDO Trial

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 7, 2010

As a result of this politically biased Judge, thousands of taxpayer pounds have been wasted and the criminals who vandalised the EDO factory walked away scot free. Let the disgracing of this Judge be a lesson to any other Judges who similarly encourage the delegitimisation of Israel. The Judge or magistrate who tries the case of the vandals who committed aggravated trespass at the Ahava shop in London on Saturday must punish them with the full force of the law.


Hajo Meyer event called 'offensive' by Conservative UK Government

By Jonathan Hoffman, September 29, 2010

Remember how the As-A-Jews tried to hijack Holocaust Memorial Day?

Well now the government has called the event 'offensive'

Bravo David Cameron. I can't imagine Labour doing this, least of all under Ed Milliband....


The Barons: An Everyday Story of the Struggle for Workers’ Rights in Merrie England

By Jonathan Hoffman, September 16, 2010

TUC General Secretary Brenda Barking paced the floor of her suite in her 5 star hotel in Manchester. Her nails were bitten down to the quick. “Comrades” she began “we have a problem. Our membership is down to 6 million from over 13 million at its peak; our friends in the Labour Party are out of government and our friends in the LibDem Party have sold out to the Tories; we face thousands of job cuts in the public sector; and the proletariat is too busy watching Coronation Street to have time for any serious revolting.


Yvonne Ridley: In Breach of the Terrorism Act?

By Jonathan Hoffman, September 11, 2010

At the end of her speech (4:10) to the London "Al Quds Day" March on 4 September, Ridley said "Victory to Hezbolla, Victory to Hamas"

Both are regarded under UK law as terrorist organisations.

As Hawkeye points out, the 2006 Terrorism Act states that giving encouragement to a terrorist organisation carries a 7 year sentence.


Aznar's speech last week

By Jonathan Hoffman, September 7, 2010

A truly awesome speech:

Shana tova to all my readers - may it be a year of peace.


De Gucht: A Bigot from Belgium

By Jonathan Hoffman, September 3, 2010

EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht, commenting on the Washington peace talks, told a Belgian radio station that he saw “few reasons to think that there is this time more reason for success. Do not underestimate the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill…on American policy, whether on Republicans or Democrats. It is the best organised lobby there.”


BBC Panorama: Letter to BBC Director General

By Jonathan Hoffman, August 22, 2010

Today there are demonstrations all afternoon at BBC London, Manchester and Bristol to protest about the mostly excellent Panorama last Monday about the Gaza flotilla incident. The following letter was hand delivered to BBC TV Centre London by me and another activist during the protest there.

I understand a similar letter is being delivered to BBC Manchester.

For personal attention of Mark Thompson BBC Director-General


22 August 2010

Dear Mr Thompson


Ahava counter-demo 14 August: Phone interview with The Guardian

By Jonathan Hoffman, August 16, 2010

This record of our conversation is being made public to help ensure that any Guardian article based on our conversation is accurate.


I spoke to Stephen Bates (SB) of the Guardian about the counter-demo outside Ahava on Saturday. Bates was tipped off by Greenstein. I have also emailed this statement to SB.


UK Parliament: "Only Righteous Jews Allowed In"

By Jonathan Hoffman, July 28, 2010

Tonight in the UK Parliament free speech died.

Tonight three Arab Knesset members (Haneen Zoubi, Dr Jamal Zahalka and Talab Al-Sana) spoke in a room in the Parliament, organised by Middle East Monitor.

The meeting was hosted by Jeremy Corbyn MP.


Wham Bam - Cam Slammed!

By Jonathan Hoffman, July 28, 2010

David Cameron’s comments in Ankara were crass, ignorant and inexcusable and he has been rightly pilloried by Melanie Phillips and others. It seems that the FCO Camel Corps got to him quickly.