Jonathan Hoffman

The de-Zionization of Anglo Jewry, by Isi Liebler in the Jerusalem Post

By Jonathan Hoffman, November 25, 2010

"Chaim Weizmann would turn in his grave were he aware of the public attacks on the Israeli government by some in the UK Jewish leadership"



By Jonathan Hoffman, November 9, 2010

Last night was the introductory meeting for the Hate Israel Kangaroo Court that is laughingly called the "Russell Tribunal". It took place at Amnesty International, London. Speakers included Dr Ghada Karmi; Ken Loach; Paul Troop; Ewa Jasiewicz; and Frank Barat.

The "Russell Tribunal" is composed of known Israel haters and has effectively found Israel guilty before it has even started. No witness has been summoned to defend Israel.


No Kangaroo Court at the Law Society!

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 31, 2010

The "Russell Tribunal" is a synonym for yet another Israel Hatefest from the Red/Green Alliance of As-A-Jews, Communists and Islamists.

Just look at the people involved: Dugard, Kasrils, Mansfield, McKinney, Lanning Hilary ...

Harrys Place has more:

Unbelievably the Law Society has agreed to host this Kangaroo Court (20-22 November). I can only charitably assume they have no idea of the nature of the event.



By Jonathan Hoffman, October 30, 2010

Tom Gross has the story: "To its credit, Al-Jazeera English has run another report on the incredible mistreatment of many of the millions of foreigners employed as domestic laborers (and in many cases as slaves) in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Gulf. (As I have pointed out before, Al-Jazeera English is in many ways not only more balanced in its Mideast coverage than Al-Jazeera Arabic, but also when compared to the English-language BBC and CNN.)"


Free Speech for Israel? Not at Queens University Belfast!

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 18, 2010

Above is the link to my blog about this University's outrageous rescinding of their invitation to Professor Geoffrey Alderman to speak tonight.

Professor Alderman is now sitting in the hotel in Belfast while the meeting proceeds at the University. He was unable to negotiate his presence on the Panel and unable to get the meeting cancelled in view of the disgusting violation of free speech.

Please protest now about this outrage to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Peter Gregson:


Support David Hallam!

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 17, 2010

David is the Methodist preacher who is suing the Methodist Church for using charitable donations to discriminate against Israeli Jews. This is a massively significant case which - if he wins - will have significance for War On Want, Oxfam and all the other charities who regularly trash Israel in the same manner.

David deserves the support of right-thinkers everywhere!


The miners were underground for only 69 days ....

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 17, 2010

The 33 Chilean miners were underground for 69 days. Much of the world focused its attention on them, while no effort or cost was spared to get them out into the light after the nightmarish accident that buried them.

Gilad Shalit has been underground for one thousand, five hundred and seventy-four days today (he was taken on June 25, 2006).

Read the rest here:


Obama and the US-Israel alliance - Caroline Glick

By Jonathan Hoffman, October 16, 2010

" ..... as the elected leader of the Jewish state, Netanyahu should recognise the truth. If he wishes to secure Israel’s alliance with the US, he should do what is best for Israel, not what is best for Israel’s Left."