rename the zionist federation "love-israel" (say dovy and shaloma the peace-bears!)

By happygoldfish, August 15, 2010

from my little bowl, i notice that pro-israel pr is terrible

the pro-israeli community needs to "get with it"

events like the "flotilla" are not a problem, they are an opportunity

when tv news shows banners in trafalgar square saying "freedom for palestine", why are there no banners saying "freedom for israel"? (the four freedoms, of course, are freedom from rockets, freedom from suicide bombs, freedom from conscription, and freedom from international double standards)


goldfishy guide < html for guppies >

By happygoldfish, July 25, 2010

html for guppies:

there's no official html guide on thejc.com, so here's a few hints, and some codes for you to copy-and-paste onto a file on your own computer

(a very useful guide to html (with a try-it-yourself facility) can be found at http://www.w3schools.com/html/)


israeli oranges in iran (the usual suspects hijack a blog again)

By happygoldfish, July 23, 2010

this blog was originally about jewish refugees from arab lands and their right to return or compensation

the usual suspects (i'm not including you, deborah) came along and derailed the blog into a discussion of palestinian refugees and whether they left willingly

i asked the moderators to stop this at the start, but they didn't


"release shalit" says european union, but not palestinian prisoners

By happygoldfish, July 1, 2010

the foreign affairs council of the european union on 14th june 2010 issued a policy statement including gilad shalit whose significance is not generally recognised

at page 11, the council deals with gaza:

GAZA Council conclusions

3. The Council deplores the continuing acts of rocket fire. All those responsible must take immediate and concrete steps to cease and prevent such violence.



By happygoldfish, June 12, 2010


here is the San Remo international law of blockade …

By happygoldfish, June 11, 2010

having gone to a freshwater university, i didn't study maritime law, but it can be easily found on the internet

israel's blockade of gaza is perfectly legal under international law, and is so regarded by most governments

the international law of war at sea is laid down in …


rename "rachel corrie" the "gilad shalit"

By happygoldfish, June 5, 2010

from my little bowl, i notice that israel's pr is terrible

israel needs to "get with it", both in terms of speed and content

ships like the "marmara" are not a problem, they are an opportunity

unfortunately, in the public relations war, it is israel which "never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity"

the "rachel corrie" is another opportunity, but it must be seized immediately …

the palestinians' pr method, of renaming a ship, can be turned against them …

by renaming the "rachel corrie as the "gilad shalit"


israeli oranges in iran

By happygoldfish, May 8, 2009

from my little bowl, i noticed this week that iran has been visited with a plague of oranges ° not falling from the sky and killing all the firstborn cattle, but lying unexploded in boxes waiting to terrorise the population ° only the vigilance of the iranian fruit police has exposed this insurgence, with its international connections


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By happygoldfish, May 8, 2009