Rabbi Aaron Goldstein

Think you know your Israeli music?

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., May 20, 2009

Israeli artists are making an entry onto spotify (www.spotify.com), the music site that has changed my life - or at least made me revert to my youth - prog rock, punk - basically driving my wife bonkers!

Except, we have found some of our favourite Israeli artists on there: Check out: Ivri Lider - Its not the Same and Evyatar Banay - Standing on Paper.


Tsivka Pick's Shema in a Portuguese Church

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., April 16, 2009

Every now and then, there is a scene that is so incongruous that a double take is needed to know its real. It is something unnatural in this world but might fly in the next: "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard lie down with the kid... (Isaiah 11:6-9)!"

So check this out and if you need to, look again: Tsivka Pick's Shema in a Portuguese Church - the Roman Catholic Church in the Parish of Espinhel in Portugal!



Tired with Chad Gadya, try Un Cavritco

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., April 8, 2009

Failing Los Destarrados making a you tube clip, try this and let your strumming hand run aaway with you and you have the funkiest Seder soundtrack!
Or if you just like the sound of words: http://www.losdesterrados.com/lyrics.html#5
Then do Los Desterrados an Afikoman present and buy the album!
Chag Pesach Sameach


Welcoming in Jews by Choice

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., March 25, 2009

I am exhausted. Kids up early and long day yesterday but so rewarding and I feel elated. Had the honour of sitting on Liberal Judaism's Rabbinic Board and welcoming 8 fantastic sincere Jews by Choice into our Synagogues. Yesterday, I was once more a Jew by Choice. The tube ride home was one of personal reflection and my response drew a few concerned faces from my fellow commuters, "Yes, yes, yes," being said not quite under my breathe. Proud to be a Jew, honoured to be a Liberal Rabbi, and blessed by being able to welcome such fantastic individuals to our Jewish Community.


Shmonim v'shmoneh FM

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., March 18, 2009

I hope the chairman of my Synagogue is not reading this as I have been listening to the radio all morning. I know that my Vanessa Feltz seem to be the background listening of choice for my friends who work from home but there is a cathartic experience to be had online. Evoke your favourite Israel scene any moment of the day by listening in to Israeli Radio on demand. My station of choice is Shmonim v'shmoneh FM (88FM): an eclectic mix of music that takes me to Tel Aviv beach or an outside table on Bograshov.


What I'm feeling passionate about #1

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., March 16, 2009

I am so proud to be a member of the Jewish Community of Northwood. The Jewish Community of Northwood has 2 Congregations, one Untied, and one Liberal - my Shul. Together, we celebrate each others commonalities and differences. Yesterday, we had nearly 200 people donate blood in our Shul in a jointly sponsored event that alternates host Shul.