Rabbi Aaron Goldstein

Dana Weiss Israel Channel 2 at NPLS

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., February 24, 2011

For the past five years, Dana Weiss has been the moderator of Israel Channel 2 News' flagship news programmes and a serious reporter on issues aired on prime time national TV, dealing with a wide range of topics, such as: extensive use of antibiotics, the truth behind the beauty industry, the world's epidemic, the loss of privacy, A.D.H.D., the Israeli brain drain, and more.


Is Israel our Golden Calf?

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., February 20, 2011

Is Israel our Golden Calf? Once a central metaphor for prayers, poetry, hopes and latterly ideologies for Jews throughout the ages, whether living in good times and especially when living in threatening environments; the State of Israel is a reality. It is no longer a dream. It is no longer the stuff of fairy tales that could define it as the Cinderalla struggling against the ugly sisters, or biblically of David fighting Goliath. The State of Israel is not mature but it is maturing and as with teenagers, there is often some incredible productivity balanced by some grotty behaviour.


Jewish values and State .v. Synagogue and State

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., February 20, 2011

A State of Israel “based on the principles of liberty, justice and peace as conceived by the Prophets of Israel,” will, “uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of religion, race or sex,” as the Declaration of Independence states.

A State of Israel learning about, inspired by and applying Jewish values. I can buy that: Jewish values and State. Synagogues, Rabbis and State, I think we are best served without.

read the complete sermon at http://www.npls.org.uk/Sermons/New/ErevKiTissa5771.html


Can 3 Rabbis produce the longest sermon in history?

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., February 1, 2011

Of course not at Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue because everyone would have vacated the building if we had gone past 10 minutes but the results of our Rabbinic Team's collusion for NPLS' Civic Service is to be found at http://www.npls.org.uk/Sermons/New/Civic%20Service%202011.html

A taste of all 3:

"The Danes do it once, the English twice and the French three times. And the Jews do it like everyone else."


Searching for the man

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., November 28, 2010

There is a fascinating trend in the weekend supplements that I believe no one is too sure what to make of. That is the role of men in society. There are headlines and strap-lines which read:

“Depressed, repressed, objectified: are men the new women? They’re less fertile, more weight-obsessed and ‘non-essential to parenting.’ No wonder men are confused about modern masculinity.” (The Observer Woman, August 08)


National service - an idea from an AJEX service

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., November 21, 2010

If national service means a life-time of commitment to community and volunteering, I guess I am for it.

My model was the AJEX members who stood in front of our Ark seeking God's blessing.


Dreaming and working for a better tomorrow

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., November 14, 2010

I always think of November as a month of broken dreams.

November 1938 Kristallnacht.

November 22, 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated.

November 4th 1995 the night when Yitzchak Rabin, Israeli warrior turned peacemaker, was assassinated.

November 1985, Operation Moses, the fulfillment of the Sigd, the Ethiopian Jews' longing to return to Zion. Today Israel's 120,000 strong Ethiopian community continues to struggle for acceptance and equality in Israeli society. What happened to their dream?


An important thought on aging

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., November 13, 2010

Simone de Beauvoir, in her masterful work La Vieillese (Coming of Age), sees the fear of age as a cultural phenomenon and seeks to give voice to a silenced class of human beings. We often tend to think badly of old age, to see ourselves as we advance in years as separated from society, as a burden, no longer productive. Our technocratic society tries to see in its incessant discoveries the knowledge of the past as obsolete. She finds that we face a hidden conspiracy in our society, where we subject ageing to the “silence of shame”. Old age becomes a taboo.


Proud to be a part of Mitzvah Day

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., November 12, 2010


So chuffed to see Mitzvah Day develop and as supporters from its first year, we are now seeing it influence other faith communities.

The above articel reads:

he Government minister in charge of the Big Society initiative has praised the effect Mitzvah Day has on society.


The Sound of Silence

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., September 11, 2010

First we had the problem of this current Gregorian year. Do we call it 2 thousand and ten or twenty-ten? Then the Hebrew calendar throws us one out of leftfield. In long-hand we have no problem. The year 5771 is

Chameishet alafim u’shva mei’ot v’shivim v’echad


A method for making friends with your local Methodists

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., July 4, 2010

We must hope that our national faith leaders find paths of reconciliation, but what about us in the holiest road in Middlesex, Oaklands Gate!? And indeed in our homes and streets with our neighbours who are Methodist believers?


Avital Raz @ NPLS, July 14th

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., July 2, 2010

I am delighted to announce that we have been able to arrange a gig at NPLS, with Avital Raz an Israeli musician who is currently somewhere in Wales mid-way through a UK tour of the summer folk festivals. She will be with us with her sound artist, Amos Ungar, weaving their magic influenced by a wide range of sources Judah Ha'Levi to Indian Druphad, opera to piyyutim with a tad of blues and rock thrown in for good measure. Do come and join me for what will be a cracking event.

Full details http://www.npls.org.uk/AvitalRaz.pdf


Equality for women at Sinai

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., May 27, 2010

I was struck by a photo in one of last week’s papers of a sea of male figures dressed in tuxedos and an almost invisible shock of long blonde hair in the centre. A paradox that one can be almost invisible, yet have a shock of hair in the centre. The shock of hair was that of Jane Campion, the only female film director to appear in that photo of the world’s film directors at the Cannes Film Festival.


LJ Haggadah tops Amazon sales

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., May 4, 2010

It is not everyday that a Liberal Judaism publication hits the top of Amazon's sales lists but here it is!


I am well chuffed seeing as my father, Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein co-edited it with my (sort of) big brother, Rabbi Pete Tobias and my wife designed it. Watch out Dan Brown!


Is there a Jewish vote?

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., May 2, 2010

There is an old saying among Jews: two Jews, three opinions. So how will the Jews vote on May 6? It’s a silly question. You might as well ask, "how will the public vote?"

And yet, the media - the Jewish media in particular - can't resist the idea of toying with the idea of a single Jewish vote. But why should there be? There is not a single issue to unite the Jewish community to vote in a particular way, just the same concerns as the public at large - the economy, taxes, education, health and so forth.

But what, I hear you ask, about Israel? What about anti-Semitism?


Lag B’Omer: the day of light relief

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., May 2, 2010

A few Shabbat afternoons ago, I was sat with Rabbi Pete Tobias at Vicarage Road. One more Rabbi and we would have been taking status cases, conversions and the like but instead, Rabbi Pete was grumbling about the Hornet’s lack of, well, most things and I was becoming increasingly concerned by the rising goal count against Aston Villa (Chelsea won 7-1!). Supporting the teams we do, it would be all too easy to feel rather down.


Dying matters

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., March 31, 2010

This week, I was almost brought to tears in the middle of a funeral that I was conducting. I had read the prayers and initiated the rituals, heard a glowing eulogy that had the congregation in tears of laughter and sorrow. Yet when the grandchild of the deceased howled because he had not had the opportunity to say goodbye to his grandfather, my heart was torn asunder.

Read on: http://www.npls.org.uk/Sermons/New/Vayikra%205770.html


My father the liturgist

By Rabbi Aaron Gol..., March 26, 2010

Nachas is usually schlepped from younger to older generations but this Shabbat I must 'fess up,' the JC (C2, "Liberal demand for haggadah") got it wrong. It was not I who was co-editor of the new LJ Haggadah (http://www.liberaljudaism.org/pdf/LJ_Haggadah_OrderForm.pdf)but my father, Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein and therefore son is schlepping nachas for the father!