Never mind the 9 IHH Jihadists - Turkey now shoots itself in the foot!

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 17, 2010

As reported in Israel News Network
Wahsington DC Lawmakers to Turkey: Israel? What about Armenia?
by Hana Levi Julian
Washington lawmakers are warning they might formally recognize the Armenian genocide to punish Turkey for its treatment of Israel.

A Congressional resolution recognizing the 1915-1923 massive slaughter of Armenians in eastern Anatolia by the Ottoman Turks passed the Foreign Affairs Committee by a lone vote in March.


Why Do The Deluded Self-Haters And Anti-Semites Persist In Posting On The Jewish Chronicle?

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 12, 2010

The short answer is that they are unable to have their 2-digit IQ rantings published anywhere else, and this web-site has an open policy.
A more detailed explanation follows:-
The concept of the delusional disorder has both a very short history, formally, but a very long history when one integrates reports and observations over the last 150 years. The term of delusional disorder was only coined in 1977. This term has been used to describe an illness with persistent delusions,separate though from delusions that occur in other medical and psychiatric.


A "Partner" for Peace?

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 10, 2010

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas decided on Wednesday to reward all the activists on board the flotilla aid ships by giving them Palestinian citizenship.

Abbas announced the decision during a speech before the Palestine Investment Conference, which was launched in Bethlehem.

He also announced that the name of the conference has been changed to the Conference of Freedom after the Free Gaza flotilla.

Abbas accused Israel of waging “state terrorism”.

Is this a serious "partner" for peace?


A call for us all to be Israel's PR representatives

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 9, 2010

State of Israel
Ministry of Public Diplomacy & Diaspora
3 Kaplan St. Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972-2-6587120 Fax: 972-2-6587125


Dear friends around the world,
In the wake of yesterday’s interception of a flotilla of ships and activists bent on lifting Israel’s blockade of the Hamas regime, a regime whose charter, rhetoric and behavior are all aimed at Israel’s destruction, we find ourselves yet again in the center of a perfect media storm.


France to be the subject of a United Nations Security Council Emergency Session

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 5, 2010
Greenpeace ambushes French Tuna fishing boats in the Mediterranean and an "activist" from London gets injured.
A new cause for all you trendy-lefty, open-toed sandal wearing, Guardianesque types to get excited about.
Or is it just wishful thinking on my part as there are no Jews involved in this one!


Activists See Sense - This Time

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 5, 2010

Navy boards, takes control of 'Rachel Corrie' off Gaza coast
06/05/2010 13:35

Military completes takeover of cargo boat without any violent incidents, after it rejected four calls to divert to Ashdod port.

IDF navy forces boarded and took control of the MV Rachel Corrie Saturday afternoon. The troops did not meet any resistance from activists attempting to break the Gaza blockade, and the operation was completed without violent incidents.


Those Troublesome Jews - Washington Post - A Must Read Superb Article!

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 4, 2010

From The Washington Post
Charles Krauthammer
Friday, June 4, 2010

The world is outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza. Turkey denounces its illegality, inhumanity, barbarity, etc. The usual U.N. suspects, Third World and European, join in. The Obama administration dithers.


More revelations from the "Aid" Flotilla

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 4, 2010

The IDF has identified one of the passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara , which navy commandos commandeered earlier this week, as the ringleader of a group of mercenaries who were recruited from a city in northwest Turkey, according to new details from the military’s ongoing investigation of the Gaza flotilla.

The IDF identified a group of about 50 men – of the 700 on board – who were well-trained and were stationed throughout the ship, mostly on the upper deck, where they laid an ambush for the IDF soldiers who rappelled onto the deck from helicopters.


Even the "Peace" activists support Israel

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 4, 2010

Quoted in todays Times, one of the "trendy-lefty" activists is quoted:- Ms Lort-Phillips refused to blame the Israeli commandos for the killings.


3 Soldiers were Kidnapped in Ship Takeover

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 4, 2010

More concerning news from Israel News Network.

An internal IDF review of the takeover of the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara revealed that three soldiers were briefly kidnapped while aboard the vessel. The three were beaten when they boarded the ship and then, when they were wounded and groggy, were dragged to a room within the ship and held there.

A short time later, dozens of their fellow soldiers began searching the ship. When the passengers saw that soldiers had successfully seized control of the Marmara, they released the three captives, the report stated.


So you want to boycott Israel? - something to think about first!

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 2, 2010

A must see video for all you trendy-lefty, boycott Israel types:-

Oh, and in case you get lost going to your next "Free Gaza" demo - GPS was invented in Israel!

Apart from suicide bomb vests and underground tunnelling expertise, can anyone tell me what the Palestinians have invented?


Israel gets support from The Guardian !

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 1, 2010

Has The Guardian had a change of policy and is now Pro-Israel?
This article published today would have you believe so.

Seth Freedman, Tuesday 1 June 2010 14.30 BST

Israel had no choice over Gaza flotilla.
Flotilla activists had ample opportunity to defuse the situation before the IDF arrived – instead they decided on violence.


Who was on the protest boats and what was their aim?

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 1, 2010

Speaking to BBC World News, a spokeswoman for the flotilla, Audrey Bomse stressed that the primary mission of the flotilla was to make a political statement with regard to the human rights of the Palestinian in Gaza and to "break the siege", as opposed to delivering the aid itself.

That is why on the "Peace" activists were prepared with catapults, glass balls, metal bars, knives and axes. Expecting that the ship would be boareded they had no intention of following the Israeli Navy's instruction to steer the ships to Ashdod peacefully, they were intent on causing trouble.


More Hypocrisy From The UN

By Jon_i_Cohen, May 29, 2010

At The United Nations in New York the 28-page final declaration was agreed by 189 member states following intense talks on the last day of a month-long conference on strengthening the NPT, the cornerstone of global disarmament efforts.
The document calls for the United Nations secretary general to organise a meeting of Middle East states in 2012 to agree to the creation of a "zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction".


Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza - What Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza?

By Jon_i_Cohen, May 28, 2010

For all you left-wingers out there, these are the facts on the ground:-


Palestinians Continue Down The Path Of Terrorism - No Change There

By Jon_i_Cohen, May 22, 2010

Whilst George Mitchell shuttles around on his "proximity" talks mission the Palestinians show what their intentions are.
A member of an IDF scouting unit was moderately wounded by Palestinian fire on Friday evening near the Gaza border following a day rife with altercations between the military and Palestinian terrorists.

Two bullets penetrated the scout's shoulders during a military operation in the area. He was evacuated to Beersheba's Soroka Medical Center.


Thailand - called to account at the United Nations

By Jon_i_Cohen, May 20, 2010

Thailand is to be called to account at the United Nations.
United Nations Security Council is called to Emergency Session.
Thailand to be censored for the massacre of unarmed civilians.
Thailands Goverment to be censored for ordering the army to use live ammunition against peaceful demonstrators.
Amnesty International, Oxfam and other assorted anti-war campaigners to lead London protest in support of the Thai Red Shirts, thousands expected to demonstrate against the Thai government.

Just my little joke!
Who cares?