Outcry at the UN

By Jon_i_Cohen, June 1, 2011

I am still waiting for the "Outcry at the UN".

Nato says its air raids are to protect Libyan citizens.

The Libyan government says Nato air raids have killed more than 700 civilians since bombing began in March.

Where are the left wing nutters and BDS supporters - they seem silent on this issue!

Is it a case of "No Jews - No News"


.....and once again

By Jon_i_Cohen, May 11, 2011

"The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".
As in this timeless quotation from Abba Eban, the Arabs never learn.


Saudi Arabia: Second Fukushima if Iranian Bushehr activated in May

By Jon_i_Cohen, April 19, 2011

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant - a ticking bomb?Saudi and Kuwait officials have warned the US that if Iran activates its first nuclear reactor at Bushehr in May as planned, there is a good chance it will blow up and the entire Gulf region suffer a nuclear disaster on the scale of the misfortune at Japan's Fukushima and expose millions to radiation contamination.


"their terrorist activities will not be tolerated"

By Jon_i_Cohen, April 19, 2011

Syria again,

In a statement late on Monday, the interior ministry said: "The course of the previous events... have revealed they are an armed insurrection by armed groups belonging to Salafist organisations, especially in Homs and Baniyas."

It warned "their terrorist activities will not be tolerated".

Come on you Israel bashers, let's have some comment!


What are the Arabs Up To? Just killing their Own, but who cares?

By Jon_i_Cohen, April 19, 2011

Why don't the "useful idiots" continualy bashing Israel on this website, Joe Millis, simoneq, Lukas etc etc have a winge about what the Arabs do to their people:-


"Settlements" the left wing myth exposed

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 24, 2011

The word "settlement" is misleading and is a myth in itself.


Allan Bloom?

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 14, 2011

Posted by Allan Bloom

Reuters in Hebron
The Guardian, Friday 20 July 2001 01.49 BST

Allan Bloom directs us to a link from 2001?
A TEN year old link?
Wow, youv'e been saving that one!
And your point is what?
A 10 year old incident justifies Friday nights slaughter of Jewish children - welll done Allan, are you proud of yourself?
Are you Jewish?


Time For Negotiations Has Passed

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 14, 2011

Abbas' double game: His Fatah tipped to endorse Itamar murders


J Street - the truth about this anti-Israel group

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 3, 2011

A must watch video for all those who are under the misconception that J Street is pro-Israel, the truth is exposed here and shows J Street to be the exact opposite of what you might think.


Gaza to revert back to Egyptian Control

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 2, 2011

As the uprisings continue throughout the Arab Middle East, more and more pundits are of the view that Gaza should revet to Egyptian control.


Jordan Is (Arab) Palestine

By Jon_i_Cohen, March 2, 2011

To His Majesty
The King of Jordan
King Abdullah the Second
The Government and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

To be presented the 25th of May 2011
The 65th Independence Day of the Kingdom of Jordan


(Gaza increase rocket attacks on Israeli civilians) in response, Israel increases aid to Gaza

By Jon_i_Cohen, February 28, 2011

Israel national News reports

Humanitarian aid deliveries to Gaza are continuing without a break, despite the stepped-up rocket attacks on southern Israeli communities emanating from the region.

On Wednesday a Kassam rocket badly damaged a factory in the Sdot Negev region. No one was physically injured in the attack.


(Hamas fires Grad rockets on Beer Sheva) in response, Israel Helps Gaza Export Cherry Tomatoes

By Jon_i_Cohen, February 28, 2011

Israel National News reports

It’s business as usual for the Israeli government, and this includes the continued economic aid to the Gaza Strip.


Arab "Democracy" Protests spread

By Jon_i_Cohen, February 16, 2011

Trouble now in Bahrain, outside Bahrain's Pearl Monument despite security police efforts to dislodge them, anti-government protesters continued to occupy the main square of Manama, Bahrain Tuesday night, Feb. 15, even after its ruler, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa made a rare television appearance to regret the two deaths in the demonstrations and promised a full investigation.

Today in Libya, protests starting in Benghazi, where eyewitnesses report police responded to stone-throwers with water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets.


Iranium - Iran The Sponsor of Worldwide Terrorism

By Jon_i_Cohen, February 8, 2011

A must see movie; with the turmoil in Egypt and Iran manipulating "The Moslem Brotherhood", the real danger has yet to be seen.


WikiLeaks: Iran searching for nuclear bomb materials

By Jon_i_Cohen, January 16, 2011

This report confirms what we have all known for some time now.

As reported by YNet,7340,L-4014509,00.html

Iran has been developing contacts in more than 30 countries to acquire technology, equipment and raw materials needed to build a nuclear bomb, a Norwegian newspaper said on Sunday, citing US diplomatic cables.

Aftenposten said that according to the cables, obtained by WikiLeaks, more than 350 Iranian companies and organizations were involved in the pursuit of nuclear and missile technology between 2006 and 2010.


We need more spokespeople with this clear insight

By Jon_i_Cohen, January 10, 2011

Another brilliant piece by Melanie Phillips.

When are you "lefties" going to "get it"?


Come on Jose we want another and another and another...............

By Jon_i_Cohen, January 10, 2011

stellasolomons and Joe Millis have interrupted jose's run of blogs, only 4 consecutive blogs. Come on Jose you can do better?


We Want Another Post From Jose

By Jon_i_Cohen, January 8, 2011

Come on jose, you're slacking, only 5 consecutive posts, you can do better.


Time Is Up For The Leftists Who Work Against The Interests Of The State Of Israel

By Jon_i_Cohen, January 7, 2011

Be Very Afraid, Fifth Columnists

MK Danny Danon told Arutz Sheva that he will be the Knesset member heading the committee of inquiry into ultra-leftist groups' sources of funding that the Israeli parliament voted to establish.

Danon said that he "recommends to [Peace Now Director] Yariv Oppenheimer and the other directors of the NGOs that are a fifth column within Israel to start sprucing up their CVs, because soon they will be unemployed."

Among the organizations and persons Danon intends to invite to the committee, he lists:

•B'tselem - director, Jessica Montel