Geoffrey Paul


By Geoffrey Paul, January 7, 2009

None of those older Londoners who lived through Hitler's bombardment of the capital with pilot-less V1 and V2 rockets in the closing stages of the Second World War can have forgotten the terror sewn by those horrendous weapons lobbed indiscriminately against the civilian population. They will have had a sharp reminder of it lately with events in Israel. Wartime historians noted the huge drop in the morale of Londoners under this kind of bombardment compared with the unity of purpose displayed during the Blitz.


Review: The Case Against Israel’s Enemies

By Geoffrey Paul, November 13, 2008

Reading Dershowitz (pictured below), it is easy to summon to mind the hero-knights of legend defending the drawbridge against an attacking mob of sword-waving and axe wielding assailants. Clashing his steel against theirs, he lunges here with a flash of forensics, there with a slash of semantics until, one by one, he reduces all about him to a bloodied pile.